Anyone ever replaced a 36" Scag deck with a 32" deck?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bcg, Apr 27, 2006.

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    I've got a 1998 36" Scag that my guys are having trouble getting into a lot of the gates on the accounts we've picked up this year. I'd like to convert this mower to a 32" instead of buying a new mower because I really don't need another one right now. Has anyone done this? What parts would I need to do it? What's the best supplier to get the parts from?

    I checked with my local dealer and all they could offer was to sell me the 32" deck housing for the low price of $840.
  2. TLS

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    Just make sure your rear tire track width isn't 36" or you'll be back to square one.

    IIRC, 32" machines use narrower rear tires just for this problem.

    Also, if you do go with the swap....everything should just bolt right up. SCAG's are good that way.
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    If you run into problems with tire width you can order new thinner tires and rim sets for not much money. If I remember correctly you can probably pick up a set from the online parts dealers for around $100.

    But $1000 for the deck and the tires? Not sure what else you'll need that you can't scavage off of your 36in. I'd imagine the deck housing is just the deck shell with everything removed. If you need to buy much it will drive the price close to $1500. If it's a belt drive you're pushing the price of a new or good used unit. If it's a hydro drive it might be worth converting it.

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