Anyone ever tried this??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gglawns, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. gglawns

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    I was on my way to school this morning and I saw a cab driving with it all painted in a local restaurants logos and everything. I was wondering if anyone has ever thought about doing this for their company. It would be like your truck driving around painted with your numbers and your name but this would be a cab driving all around town. Also any idea what the price range is for this? Just something to think about.
  2. JimLewis

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    There are all sorts of ways similar to this to advertise. You can advertise on bus benches on the side of streets, on the backs of buses themselves, on the fences at ballparks, etc.

    I haven't ever tried any of these methods. I do have people approach me about them all the time. But I really doubt the return on investment on these things is really very high.

    I think it's good for getting your name out there and getting known. And that has some value. But I don't think these, by themself, will lead to many actual calls.
  3. budracin

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    I have thought about renting spots on my trailer to businesses. kinda like what nascar does on the cars. Or even taxi's like you said. Pay so much a month for a spot. A decent size of course (12X20) or somewhat in that range. Imagine all the exposure they will get. We drive in and out of neighborhoods all day long. Say you can get 10 businesses at $15.00 a month, that is $150.00 a month for doing nothing. Is this a great country we live in or what.

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