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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Flipperneck, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Flipperneck

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    I was thinking since I will be starting my biz sometime around May that I would go around dropping off doorhangers to homes that have professional service but looks shotty. Has anyone ever picked up work by seeing a lawn that is obviously cut by a commercial mower but looks horrible for example horrible edging, bushes way past prune time or mauled, tire divets, lumps and clumps all over, bad blow off like grass clipping on the drive, weedy beds, beds that mulch won't stay in, trees whack straight through the bark, obvious spots missed by the whip, etc... This isn't my only tactic but I am looking for the people who are willing to pay high end for quality I was wondering if this worked thanks. my target area the cheaper houses go for 500-600,000. I thought of the idea a couple years ago when I noticed the poor job alot of people are doing but at high prices.
  2. charlies

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    i personally think thats a bad idea. when i see a lawn that has obviously not been mowed for awhile, i stop by and try to talk, at least leave a flyer. but i wouldn't want to be trash talking my competition. i would rather that person see the great job i do down the street and approach me first. just my .02
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    I have gained a couple jobs by talking to people and saying they are getting ripped off paying for a lawn cutting that is less than perfect in terms of weedeating and straight lines....if you can prove you are better, I say go for it
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    Hi Flipperneck,

    Something you could consider is keep track when you hand out door hangers, of which properties look like they were professionally kept vs not. Then as you get new customers you will see which stratedgy works best.
  5. Flipperneck

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    I won't be trash talking the comp. I never speak in a negative manner to customers. I would just say I don't know the circumstance behind the quality but you can't beat the quality of an owner operated business that is run by someone who has been doing Lawn, landscape, and hardscape for 8 years. Trash talking is a sign of fear or weakness, most people catch on to garbage like that. I wouldn't give reasons or excuses for him. Just promote myself.
  6. mow2nd

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    I agree with really dont know the situation. That customer might only be paying the guy $20 or less. So in a since they might be gettting what they paid for. If that customers comes to you and says she is not happy, thats a different story. Even if that guy may be doing a crappy job, maybe he is NEW to the business...............keep in mind he probably has a wife and kids at home to provide for. You just going to take money out his pocket?

    Just let things fall into 2 cents
  7. Flipperneck

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    Hey Mow2nd,
    I have a mortgage, student loans, CC bills, utilities, and I live in one of the most expensive states in the country. I am a generally nice person but I am not starting a business to get by, I am going into business to build as big and as strong and profitable business as I can. If that guy gets crushed sorry but when I have children I would like to see them go off to college, not sorry son/daughter heres a weedwhacker help pop with his 25 accounts and theres a shiny nickel in it for you. I say hello to people on the street, I help old people and women with flats on the parkway, and if I see something I can do something about I'll help. Business is another story....
  8. slecroix

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    Speaking from Sales experience in what seem like a "former life" ... never, never, ever criticize or put down the competition in front of a customer of your competition.

    Think about it .. .this person is currently PAYING your competition for a service that your competition performs for him. By insulting or criticizing the competion, you are also, in a round-about-way insulting the prospective customer by telling him that he doesn't know what he is doing by selecting your competition instead of you. Many many folks will take this personally.

    It's dirty game that is best left to others. I agree with the above poster, always keep it POSITIVE ... even when speaking of your competition. Say something pleasant about him ... then make sure you point out why he, the customer, would be happier doing business with you. If you can't think of anything pleasant to say about your competition, then say nothing at all.

    Show the prospective customer that you are willing to EARN his business ... not steal it by bad-mouthing the competition.

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