Anyone ever use a Steiner 4 wd mower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LynyrdSkynyrd, May 7, 2004.

  1. LynyrdSkynyrd

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    Out working today and a lady stops by where we were and ask if I would look at her dads yard. Get their and the guy comes out and we look over the property. The house was built on the side of a mountain and has aprox 75'all around it that is flat. The front of the house faces a valley that is sloped for about 150" down and 300' across. Then the back of the house has the same angle of slope that runs aprox 100' up hill. I voiced my concerns about mowing the slopes with my Lazer. He informs me that he did not expect me to use my equipment to do the job. He then shows me his Cub Cadet riding mower, a arm full of Poulan weed eaters and his two week old $11,0000 Steiner 4 wheel drive mower. It is the first that I have saw "live and in person" so to speak. That thing is nice. Another thing that got me when pricing became the issue. I were thinking that mowing around his house weekly would be $50.00 and $125 to $150 for when the two slopes gets done every two weeks. He travels alot in a huge camper and ask if he could have the yard work payment directly deposited into my account each month. He totally freaked me out when he said that he will deposit $800 every month. $100 per week to mow and an extra $200 every two weeks for the doing the slopes. This guy came out and flatly stated that he will be more than happy to pay $800.00 a month to have his lawn kept up. He then wanted to know if that were enough. :eek:

    I will get some photos of this guys place when we start doing it. He has got to loaded to the hilt. For when he is home. He keeps his huge camper in an air conditioned and heated garage that he had built just for it. :confused:
  2. The C Man

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    Well what are you waiting for?!? Ask him if he'll adopt you! :p
  3. 65hoss

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    You will love the Steiner on those slopes.
  4. cantoo

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    I have a Ransomes which is the same thing as the Steiner but green. I don't use it for cutting, I use it for the frount mount attachments. 6' magnet for sweeping for nails, leaf blower, aerator and a rigid broom. I have enough lawn mowers. I like the 4x4.
  5. Woody82986

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    We ran a couple Steiner 4wd's at the local ISD maintenance dept. I like the way they ran. I found them to be kind of tricky to get the hang of at first, but once you get it down, they are really great machines.
  6. DanG

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    The Albany International plant near me has a company mowing it that uses one on all the steep hills.
    The one they use has bar tires on it and also runs duals all the way around it.
    They run a normal side discharge deck on it (60") that has the roller that goes across the rear width of the deck, not the reel decks like the one in the pic you showed. I think it's a better choice set up like that then the one he bought.

  7. LynyrdSkynyrd

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    The one in the photo above is not the one that the guy has. I just posted the pic to show what ones looks like.

    The guys has baloon type tire like they use to use on those 6 wheel drive ATV's. Sort of like fram tractor tread but much small lugs. His also has a blade deck instead of a reel mower.

    He does not need to adopt me. I would be willing to trade a Summers worth of free mowing for his Steiner tho. :D
  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    Ok, I can't wait to hear more about this one!

    P.S. - Next time he is in town, ask him if he has any loaded to the hilt, Steiner ownin' family members over my way!
  9. craigs lawncare

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    The one that I seen... just like your picture striped lawns better than anything I have ever seen.
    Sweet mower.

    Craig :)
  10. LynyrdSkynyrd

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    I will ask him. With all of the traveling he does you never know. He may have kids in 35 or 40 states.

    He called this morning after finding out that I have a Lincoln Ranger 8 gas driven welder and wants me to give him a quote on putting up a "guard rail" at the bottom of the lower slope out of some20' long 7" gas pipes. "About 18 to 20" high, Man I would feel better if I had one dont want you to slide over the the hill and get hurt."

    I have never met this guy before. But he seems as if he will be an ideal customer to do business with. But I have had them come out of the gate like that before only to turn out to be a 125% certified A hole.

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