anyone ever use accuscreed or another product to speed up base leveling?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by MJK, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Yes I use. I can't imagine leveling base any other good way. The first project we had to use the Yellow version that goes on rebar because the ground had been compacted by 100's of tons of compressors ect where a new patio was going. The red version that uses conduit would not have penetrated the ground. I like the Red version better because you can micro adjust the screed rails while the laser is on the rail. I also bought the alignment tool but decided in the end to use the laser instead of string line. Keep in mind these are made for 2"OD & 1 3/4" OD tube so if you set your 1" pipe in the yoke , the yoke will stick up past the screed rail and interfere with the screed board as it tries to pass over. I just took snips and cut down each end of the yokes so that the screed pipe was proud of the yoke.
    If I remember right by using the 1" pipe and because it was originally designed for the concrete industry (using 2" pipe) you need to recalibrate the metal spike in the alignment tool which was just re-drilling a hole 1" lower.
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    PS we use 1" gas pipes. we use a dowel/slug to align and connect two pipes together, not fastened just slid into each pipe, and we also cut off the threads on each end.

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