Anyone ever used an All Flex mower?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by KYMan, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. KYMan

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    I've been thinking about buying on of these for a while now.

    I'd like to be able to get the local soccer/recreation parks and a few factories which would generate about $1300-$1500 a week in income. How is the cut? How many acres per hour? also...what is total length when hooked up to tractor? I plan on buying a 20 ft equipment trailer for this and my Kubota L3800 but that 20 ft looks like it may be too short. Also, any kind of maintenance issues?

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    My personal opinion: You will do better with a fleet of ZTR mowers.

    Here's my thinking. 6-7 foot ztr mowers are common. With sharp blades you can move at a speed of acres per hour. (2-5 depending on whose lies you believe.) The big issue with the wing mower is the loading/unloading time, and the price of the unit. The ZTR's can be loaded in a minute, if you have a trailer set up with chocks. And I bet that 2 of htem would be cheaper. You will have to pay for twice as many operators, but you can teach a high school kid how to run a ZTR in about 15 minutes.

    Unless it's a big complex, a soccer field is under an acre. If you have a machine that does 2 acres per hour, then the basic mowing is half an hour. Meanwhile, you still need to deal with the edges.

    Gang mowers are for golf courses, road side allowances, and BIG parks. (10s to 100's of acres)

    Go find someone else who has one and follow them around for a day.
  3. KYMan

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    Sorry..forgot to is a 60 acre complex plus there is another 80 acre complex 20 miles away. I would save on rider expense as well as fuel....tractor fuel (it's very efficient) vs 3-3.5 gallons per hour on a ZTR. The edges around here are allowed to be sprayed with Round Up.....just not around the goals b/c they move them around.

    The crew that used to have it had a big Toro machine with a 14 ft span....ike a large tractor all by itself. In 6 hours it made $750 on those field but he said it was high on maintenance. They paid $27k for that unit used and it already had a few thousand hours on it.

    Supposedly the productivity on the 11 ft mower listed is 8 acres/hr.
  4. sgbotsford

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    That makes a lot more sense. I had this image of you picking up the contract to do all the neighborhood soccer fields.

    For weed control at the edges, take a look at Casoron 4G. Granular you apply once a year, just before a good rain. Harmful to some trees.

    ZTR's are hydraulic. That cuts your fuel efficiency by 50% Tractor is likely diesel. Gives you another 30% On the other hand, that triple PTO nickles and dimes you with a bunch of 90% efficient energy conversions.

    A 60-80 acre complex. All clear fields? If not you will still need to deal with the trees. You may still need a ZTR as an edging tool.

    As a suggestion: splurge and buy a camera that points backward. This will save you a bunch of sore neck watching where the edge of the mower is..
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    agreed on the ZTR as edging tool. I would have them edge the chain link fencing, playground, and concession area. Only about 7-8 trees by the concession area, that's it. My tractor is a Kubota L3800 hydro, turbo-diesel....I can work all day on about 5 gallons of gas.

    Given all the info, think it's worth it? The contract is coming up next month. Oh, and it's locked in for 2 years. Typo above...1.5 gallons per hour on a ZTR in fuel, not 3.5.

    nice idea on the camera
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  7. alexschultz1

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    Also the cut will be much cleaner with a bat wing compared to a 72" ztr. If you get a fast enough z it will keep up with the bat. you will end up rutting every time you hit a ditch or turning on a hill though.
  8. KYMan

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  9. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I have a Landpride 15ft pulled with a 4600 ford
    ground speed 5-7 mph would cut 5-7 acres per hour but you had to mow every 5-7 days to get a clean cut with no grass build up
    But each week we had service it and that took 2 hrs
    Bad thing with one you had take a ztr to go around each tree or item to mow close
    Once I got my first 72'' I stop using the batwing he lawn look better and nicer stripes One 72'' and a 60'' would out mow the batwing

    Im selling my batwing just sits now
  10. KYMan

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    My plan is for my 2 man crew to come out and do the edging as you mentioned with the ZTR's, split and do 2 more properties that way and then I catch up with mowing on my tractor. I could knock out a $700 property, a $550 property, and a little $160 property in one day (less than 2 miles apart) doing this while they would also hit the residentials. That's some serious money for one day. And all without touching a weedeater lol...that's a plus.

    BTW: these are all weekly mows too.

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