Anyone experienced with Mixing gas and oil??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pattytastik, May 20, 2011.

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    So I share a garage with a neighbor who does a few lawns himself, and our gas cans got a little mixed up. I have a 1 gallon gas can that I keep my mixed fuel (for the weedwacker, blower, and hedge trimmer) in, and there was around 1/4 of a gallon left inside of it. The neighbor by accident thought it was gasoline and filled the rest up with gasoline and then mixed in the 2.6 ounce of oil. So now I have fuel that has a bit more than 2.6 ounces in it. Should I find a place to empty it and just start fresh, or should I not worry about it, and use it anyway?

    Sorry about all the details lol

    oh and btw, where could i bring this mix to empty it? Pepboys didnt allow me to.
  2. ffemt1271

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    thats only a tad over a 1/2 ounce of extra oil in it, should be fine if it's only a gallon of it
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    I've emptied old gas/oil mix into my car. Works just fine if you don't run it all the time.
    I even used a gallon in my snowblower when I had run out of straight gas, and was snowed in. No issues with that either, BUT I'm only using 50:1 with Stihl synthetic oil.
    If you use too much oil, for too much time, you can foul plugs (not that plugs are difficult or expensive to change), and build up carbon. Too little oil can trash your 2-cycle engines. Too much isn't good all the time, but you have nothing to worry about, because we're only talking about a 1 gallon can here.

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