Anyone familiar with Ferris?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Mitchkrama, May 27, 2013.

  1. Brules

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    Sorry to hear about your father. Sounds like a great plan. If you plan on keeping looooong term, the 2000 with the best motor you can get is your best bet. I think for long term, the full commercial engines made to pull 2-3000 hours would suit you.
  2. Greyst1

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    i am very familiar with Ferris, i have several threads on my recent 3100Z purchase. For the poster who said the IS2000Z has independent suspension you are certainly wrong. The 3100 & 5100 on the only 2 machines which has independent suspension. The 2000, front is independent and the rear is setup with a bracket from the frame to wheel motor (very different from the 3100Z). Having said i feel the 2000 is the best all around VERSATILE Z on the market. WHY, weight, ride & cut. It has the best of them all.

    Now if you don't mind a little extra weight, the 3100Z imo is the best Z on the market. WHY, because ride, cut, and its ability to out perform is heavy duty conditions. Although it can easily perform well on medium size properties. Half acre up.

    I love Ferris. To me, they are the solution to commercial midmount mower cutting. The ICD deck does really well in heavy thick grass, wet grass, dry grass, stripes amazing.
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    I lost my dad not that long ago as well, so I feel for you there. Something to remember though, not just anyone can jump on a Z and start out mowing (you mentioned others in your family jumping on and going), at least not in any safe of proper fashion. They have a learning curve that needs to be accounted for and considered.

    I say if you can afford a 3100, go for it regardless of lot size. A nice machine to run is a thing of beauty and joy. The smaller two will still serve you well though, if that's the route you choose to go. Good luck to you whatver you choose and again, sorry for you loss.
  4. greenology

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    Hey, do you mean mechanical or does Ferris offer an air susp seat for you guys over there?
  5. greenology

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    I tend to agree with this, 1.5 acres is quite small for such a high priced ZTR. However Id love to own one even if I had only 1.5 acres but could afford to outlay that much even tho its so small!

    I look forward to hearing what you decide & what you think if you do purchase a Ferris! :waving:
  6. skew

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    The rear on the 2000 is independent! Its a swing arm type instead of A-arm like 3100/5100. Granted it doesn't ride as good as 3100 but we are only talking about 5 acres and $4k more.
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    Greenology - yes, the optional seat on the 3100 is the air suspension seat. Has lumbar and seat back adjustment and the knob on the front can be set to your individual weight. Combined with the Ferris suspension this is a great set up.
  8. GMLC

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    Are you sure its an air seat? My air seat has no knob. Just a button to activate the air pump and let out air.
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    The reasons why I want a machine of this caliber is as follows: speed, ride, and longevity. Like I said, I come to cut the grass when i get the opportunity, so speed is a definite. Because i plan on running this thing for 20 years, i want it to be as comfortable and reliable as i can afford.

    I was given a cash offer of $7700 on a new 2000 w/ 52" deck and 26hp kawasaki. Everyone else was offering 8500-8900 cash, so i think i found a good deal. Any thoughts?
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  10. skew

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    If you have any trimming around trees ect... The 61" makes it nice because the deck hangs out on the left side and you can get closer than the 52" which is almost even with the tires.

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