anyone familiar with these weed control products

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    I tryed searching here and on the web? Whats he using and whos his supplier anyone know?

    Nature's Weed Control
    Nature's Weed Control (NWC) 7-0-6 is an organic post-emergent weed control and organic fertilizer. NWC is a natural fertilizer derived from the beet extraction process

    Also a clove oil mix
    One Earth Weed Control (NWC) 7-0-6 is a 100% organic post-emergent weed control and organic fertilizer that will control weeds between 60-90% per application and will not kill grass.
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    I've talked to the OrganoLawn guys. They were GG customers but were unhappy with batch consistency and decided to make their own. They don't sell any, but like I said, that was a few years ago.

    BurnOut is the clove oil product that St. Gabriel labs sells. It's not cheap, and you add 32 oz per gallon of mix.

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