anyone find an easy way to dump clippings into their trucks??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 97Stroker, Jul 11, 2001.

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    Oh, they were there a couple years ago. Figured they still would be
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    My my , guys that mulched back in 2001.

    If your gonna bag, ditch the tarp, you can bag up leaves very quickly by raking them or blowing into a pile, get a big bag, stand on one edge of the opening using your heels, while holding the bag open with your other hand and scooping the leaves into the bag while packing them in...also have another person raking them to'll go faster than you think and when you get to the dump, thow the bags out and tear them open....
    Or try reducing them with a mower first and bagging up with your walker after
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    no real ideas except maybe ditch the dump from the seat catcher and get the 3 chamber ones you have to remove yourself.

    when I bag I dump the catcher into a 55 gallon drum I cut part of the top off of. I can fill a few times with my 3 bushel catcher then that gets dumped into the truck.

    dump from the seat catchers are nice but I would never consider one unless I was dumping on site at ALL my properties or dumping on an open trailer.
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    Since, this thread appears to be going again, I plan to order my new Walker with the hi-dump feature; that way I can just dump the clippings directly into the bed of the truck without leaving my seat.
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