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Anyone from Central Oregon? (Bend)


LawnSite Member
Bend Oregon
Hi, I live in Bend and I am looking for someone to mow lawn and may be take care of the whole landscape.
I have a small lawn in a front and large lawn in the back, total size is about 3/4 acer. My lawn is rather simple design .
This lawn went in last Novemver.

I've got few quotes from landscape places , it ranges $435 a month to $900 a month. I didn't know it was going to be that expensive to maintain when I put the landscape in, therefore I am still going through a shock stage .

Someone here adviced me that instead of giving up a hope, I may be able to get in touch with landscape people in my area (Bend, Oregon) who come to this forum and they may be able to give me a better quotes or advices on going prices around my area.
Come to think of that few quotes I got were from rather large landscape places, may be someone here may be interested in taking care of my yard .

Any advice is welcom and appreciated!! Thank you very much.

Critical Care

LawnSite Bronze Member
Central Oregon
Hello… I just saw your pictures and read what you said in your other post. It looks like a very beautiful place! You had mentioned that you were thinking about having the nursery that installed your landscape also do your maintenance. Did that work out?

You don’t have to say it here, but I would probably know all the companies that you’ve contacted so far… and I did work several years at one of the nurseries. If you’d like, drop me e-mail at criticalcarelandscape@bendcable.com and we can talk further. Perhaps one way or another I can help you.