Anyone from Fort Myers/Cape Coral area????


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Just wondering if anyone from my spot on the map can offer any tips and pointers for the new "Pine Island Mow Time"?? any feedback would be helpful!!
pimowtime ... welcome ... no dis on the previous message ... I am in gainesville, up the road from you ... by the way where is your spot ... is it really an island or is it a play on words ... anywhere south of here is great for your line of work ... the rain situation, that is the lack there of, is giving me way to much time, hence the prior message ... more info would allow for for feedback so let us know specifics ... good luck .


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hello gator-town!!:)
sorry it took sooo long to finally respond, but I have been so busy trying to get my name off the ground!! We'll be up and running by the end of this week!! I'm really excited!! Pine Island is basically the very last undeveloped barrier island in the whole entire state of FL!! It's very nice here! Agriculture, comm. fisherman, retirees, great place to raise a family, etc. lots and lots of locals year round!Plus, we know everyone pretty much already!! well, thanks for the response!! it's good to here from people in my own state!!:) keep in touch PLEASE!! We can offer tips and advice!!