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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Dan's lawn care, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. mower_babe

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    I have 10 day billing sent out on first of the month. Late fee 1.5%. I usually don't apply the late fee if they pay w/in the month. Most of our regulars pay w/in a week of receiving the bill - I have one that is bad about it and they are a business and I tack on the interest. You would think they would be better about paying. I usually have to send someone over there to collect. Hubby just went over there two weeks ago to collect on last years late balance from August - he told them that this crap had to end. Trust me they do not want me to come over there. For those of you that know me, I would be much more direct. For that account, I would like to see prepay or something.

    I dumped an account last spring after 4 years of servicing them bc they were sooo slooow in paying and they were also a business - a restaurant! I have taken two accounts to court for non-payment. Won the first one and the second was settled out of court for full amount, legal fees but no interest. A third late account moved on me, but I found her and she paid.

    Below I have posted what is on my bills..."Net due 10 days $$$...Accounts past due subject to 1.5% interest, all collection and legal fees, and discontinuation of service."

    Are you having payment issues??
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    Thanks mower babe. That is what i have too.
  3. kintaro

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    im from in plainfield
  4. Jon99

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    Live in Herscher, work the Kankakee River area, from Kankakee over to Wilmington/Coal City...
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    Rooki I'm close to ya Elgin area I work in St. Charles, Gilberts and Elgin, this is my 2nd year also, just do it part time. How is business going for ya. it seems to be alot easier this yr. I have about 20 accounts. would like to hear how it is going for you..
  6. hoyboy

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    I'm looking for two positions to fill in my company: customer service specialist and also a salesman/designer. We're in the near west suburbs.

    If anyone is interested, or knows of someone that would be, let me know.


    Dan Norton
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    Were located in Belvidere IL..
  8. Matts Lawns

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    I'm just down 59 in Naperville and looking for employees. You know anyone?
  9. Matts Lawns

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    Whats your email address?
  10. alwaysgreener

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    we are also looking for employees. We do lots of work in Huntley/Algonquin areas.

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