anyone from IL

Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Dan's lawn care, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. Danielslawnservice

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    Dave i sent you an email
  2. DistinctiveDave

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    Hey Dave, long time no talk. I really only have about 10-15 fert accounts and will probably just let then go with the maintenance, because we cut the grass where we apply fert. As far as the equipment goes, im going to try to sell as a package deal first, but I might split it up if that doesnt work. Im going to the yard on Thursday to get an exact list of equipment and I might post it at that time. Thanks, have a good one.
  3. Trevors Lawn Care

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    PM me if you are a vendor in Rock Falls. We have a truck terminal that needs to be serviced in Rock Falls. PM me ASAP if you are interested in bidding it.

  4. anj4ever6236

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    I know this posting is old but let's start it off again.

    I'm located in Evanston have accounts mostly in chicago, Glenview, and Park Ridge. Everybody ready for the upcoming season????
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  5. DLCS

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    Just thought I would bring this to the top. I'm in the Dixon/sterling area. Anyone got any leads on lawn/landscape maintenance accounts that they don't want?
  6. Vzavala622

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    Couple year old company here in Bolingbrook. Anyone know where the best prices are to dump clippings and fallen trees? Got three dethatchings this weekend and dont want to pay too much. Also taking down a 25ft pine and need a place to dump. Use to use Rizzo's in Lemont but they closed it down.
  7. esparzalandscaping

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    Try Perfect Mulch in Lyons to dump Trees, we would use Land and Lakes for grass clippings in the past.
  8. twcw5804

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    Decatur/Mt Zion IL here
  9. GuyNextDoor

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    Mt. Vernon, Centralia So. ILLINOIS
  10. bobcat48

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    Tinley Park.

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