anyone from IL

Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Dan's lawn care, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. thomas.creation

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    lets hope for a early start again like last season, without the mid summer slow down.
  2. lawns by design

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  3. Furneaux's Landscaping

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    Hi everyone, I'm out of Aurora/Naperville area. I've been in business for 2 years. I have 35 steady weekly lawn clients and over 100 misc accounts (clean-up, mulch, pavers, snow removal, etc etc) for this 3rd year and can't wait until Spring gets here. I think after the winter that we've had (if you do snow removal) an early start for the growing season would be spectacular! Anyways, good luck to all my fellow business owners/operators.
  4. J.A.S.LawnService

    J.A.S.LawnService LawnSite Member
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    Hey Furneaux! I am in North Aurora. I own a small service, that I started last season. I am a part time landscaper. I started my business last season. I am a full time fireman. I have 11 residential accounts. This season I am shooting for 30 accounts. 80% residential and 20% commercial. I occasionally get request from Naperville. It would be nice to have someone to refer the work to. I am also very excited for this season! Inbox me with your info so I can store on my phone.

    Good luck!
    Paco Ramirez
  5. JMK Lawn Service

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    Hey guys. My main busniess is around Hawthorn Woods and Lake Zurich, but i go all the way out to crystal lake and mchenry. I have around 30ish weekly accounts a few are commercial and most are residential in the same hood. Running it al by self, coming into my 4th year of lawn care. Trying to make some money finishing out this year of plowing HA! Definitely looking forward to spring. Lots of grass repair this year!
    Good luck to you all!
  6. custom9152

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    we're in the Naperville, Aurora area.
  7. Paul's Green Thumb

    Paul's Green Thumb LawnSite Member
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    Greetings :)

    I'm a brand-new operator out of Mundelein/Libertyville. Postcards go out next week... here, fishy-fishy!
  8. mclawns365

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    Out of Brimfield (near Peoria) and.........................Id kinda like to see the grass start growing here. not sure how everyone else feels...
  9. Jusgreen

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    I'm from Naperville
  10. Paul's Green Thumb

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    The way the grass is (not) growing, I'm glad I waited to send out postcards... :(
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