anyone from IL

Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by Dan's lawn care, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. Mgardner

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    Mine runs 1600. down to the wire. Includes truck as a commercial vehicle, liability to both trailers. Comprehensive on all equipment. Covers losses year round to entire inventory which is listed. If it isn`t listed on your policy including serial #...., it is not covered. I used to pay 379 a year until my independent agent pointed out all the loopholes of the policy. They go by gross income so if its just a sideline you can welch on rates. When its your entire livelyhood those items have to be listed. They also audit every year (payroll) determines exposure level.
  2. Greenhorn1980

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    I am just starting up in the Skokie/Lincolnwood area. Looking for customers and advise. Give you an idea, have to buy the equipment yet. Any ideas are apreciated.
  3. midwestguy

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    Paxton, IL here
  4. thatlawnguyishere

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    Springfield IL here
  5. richmadmax

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    elmhurst il, is here. getting ready for some action... :blob3:
  6. Cutting Edge 69

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    I'm in Elwood, south of Joliet. Most of my accounts in Plainfield/Joliet area.
  7. LawnScapes of P-Town

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    Peoria, Illinois is where i am located.
  8. LawnProz

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    New Lenox, Hey you guys in my area where do you dump lawn/ landscape waste. I've used yard waste dumpsters but looking for a better option. Any ideas . thanks
  9. Cutting Edge 69

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    I have an area on my own property that I can let the waste dry out to be burned at a later time. I have an account that I use the grass clippings as a grass/weed barrier. It sounds like your dealing with more waste then I am.
  10. richmadmax

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    When has everybody plan on starting this year

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