Anyone from Indiana

Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by indianamower, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. kppurn

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    Yes, that's what I did. I went to the County Recorder and filled out the DBA (Doing Business As) paperwork. It cost me $10.50.


    If you had an accountant help you out then more than likely there is something I didn't do correctly. I don't know. When I first started I called the State Office and they told me to contact the county I work in. They (state office) told me I didn't need to do anything with them. :confused: Now, the same year I started my own business, the guy I previously worked for went to the State and registered his name. He told me I should do that so someone else couldn't take my name. I called the State again and was told the same thing as before. :dizzy: I then got busy and haven't thought about it until now.

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    Hello To You All. I Am Located Just South Of South Bend(lakeville) When I First Decided To Go Into Business For Myself, I Went To A Local Attorney And Believe Me It Was Money Well Spent. He Helped Get All The Necessary Paperwork And Documents Taken Care Of.
  3. mak2

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    I am pretty new to the buisness too. I did not know about registering my buisness name with the county. is that jsut to protect it from being used by someone else? I am jsut shouth of Indy.
  4. Bulldog26

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    Hey guys, Northern IN. Goshen, south east of South Bend. This will be my second year. I finished last season with 27 weekly, I'm teach shop full time, bell rings and I go running to the truck. Glad to see so many guys from our area on this site.
  5. RHayden

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    Anyone work the Terre Haute area?
  6. Scag413

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    I am from Oakland City. Way down south. About 30 miles north of Evansville, if you know where thats at.LOL! Good Luck to all in the upcoming season.
  7. All_Clear

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    Crawfordsville, IN here... Mainly gutter cleaning business but do a few lawns also.

  8. E-Z Green

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    BullDog, I know what you mean. I substitute teach and usually pull out a little bit before the semester ends. here in Indy that's would be around the end of May. I'm stirring up my contacts and clients from last year and working on flyers. I plan to up sell them on mulch and pre-season clean up.

    Keep Posting Indiana
  9. Rcgm

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    I am in Indy as well.I am looking to get in contact with someone from Indianapolis or Greenwood area that does Hydroseeding. I got a builder that I landscape for and he loves it but the last guy I used really sucked.So hit me up if anyone has the equipment would love to crunch the numbers.
  10. topdog

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    vincennes's about half way between terre haute and evansville.

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