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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by GriffinLawnService, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Holland

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    Looking for a used trimmer, used commercial 21 and 36. Also looking for a 6.5x12 open trailer. Ive got some stuff to start off with but really anything of good quality and good pricing I'm atleast interested in researching.
    Thanks man.
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  2. EastMSLawn

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    Have any of y'all worked with property preservation companies in area? Hoped to find some reviews on Surety Lending Solutions, Kirk Property Presevervation, etc. While the pay is low ($20-35/yard), the foreclosures are very concentrated to specific neighborhoods. Thanks for any input.
  3. Mrkomedy

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    Hello folks , I need opinons on the new Chetta scag looking at 52 in cut rider Any replys are welcome.Tanks
  4. BerryBeezy

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    Hey in case anybody still keeps up with the mississippi network, I'm in Jackson and work where the money is. Me and my self propelled until the money starts flowing.
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  5. peppersplants

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    Started on my own a few months ago, sort of by accident. Mostly in Yazoo City, but also some Canton and Madison. Right now it's just me and my two teenage boys doing installation, hardscaping, irrigation. Labor seems to be an issue...
  6. Kennedylawns

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    Pelahatchie ms here if anyone still checks this. Mainly do my work in Brandon , pearl and Madison area.

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