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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JimLewis, Oct 18, 2007.

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    I am planning on doing a landscaping and irrigation job in November for a close family friend down in a suburb of Phoenix called Surprise, AZ. They say it's like 15 miles west of Phoenix.

    I want to start planning the job. I'll only be there for a limited time. So I need to do as much legwork as I can before I start the job. I'll be coming down once for 2 days to do the design and get familiar with the area and suppliers, etc. Then they'll fly me down a week later to actually do the work.

    I am looking for all sorts of information about that area. Things I'll need to figure out are;

    • Wholesale Irrigation Suppliers
    • Local Nurseries
    • Rock Yards
    • Where to buy soil and mulch
    • Where to find day laborers
    • Paver & Retaining Wall Block Suppliers
    • Equipment Rental
    • etc.

    I hoped some of my friends here on Lawnsite could maybe help me find some of these places. Thanks in advance. And If I can buy you a drink to thank you while I am down there, I would be glad to.
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    I am just a few miles south of Surprise in Goodyear and would love to help you out however I can. Ive done many a job in Surprise and know the valley like the back of my hand.

    Heres what I can provide from your post.

    Irrigation- Ewing or Horizon. There is one of each in Peoria (right next to Surprise) and another Ewing in Buckeye. Shoot me the address and Ill figure which is closer for you. Ewing is preferable to me, but Horizon works if its closer.

    Nursery- For 90% of what you need, Star Nursery, Peoria, is your place. If there are certain things they want that are better purchsed from Stars suppliers, I know them and use them. Desert plants specifically I can get better than Nursery contractor pricing on. Give me a list and and Ill order on my account (way cheaper than retail). Trees too, as big as you like!

    Rock, mulch, pavers and retaining walls- R&K Hauling, Goodyear. They are right down the street from me and I am there 2-3 times weekly. Gimme a materials sheet and consider it done at cost.

    Day Labor- Duh, Home Depot. I've got numbers to organize a crew for you. You speaka da spanish?

    Equipment Depends on size and what you want it for. Gimme specs, an address, materials take-off if you have it.

    Do you need any help with the project while in progress? When do you come down to scope it out? I would love to meet for a tasty beverage if you have the time. If youre not familiar with the climate/flora/irrigation, I would love to share my knowledge of each with you.

  3. JimLewis

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    Thanks. That's just what I needed. I'll definitely be buying you a drink for your help.

    It's different up here. Day laborers don't hang out at Home Depots. They are available at different labor camps and streetside locations, if you know where to find them. But you'd never find one at a Home Depot.

    Horizon and Ewing are perfect. I'm already set up at both of those places.

    Well, thanks again for the info. I'll be contacting you more when I know the exact dates.
  4. toleym

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    There is also a Horizon in Goodyear at:
    13920 W. El Cielo
    Goodyear, AZ 85338
    Ph: 623.882.3200
  5. JimLewis

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    Well, thanks! It's about 3 years too late. We did the job back in 2007. But I'll keep that in mind next time I'm working in AZ. :)
  6. toleym

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    LOL, Didn't see the date!

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