anyone from Utah slc county area?

Discussion in 'Network: West' started by atlcutah, Jan 14, 2008.

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    Heck Yes!

    Anytime you want to try mine out just holler. They are in the garage now, I'm in the middle of my annual rebuild of equipment, changing oil and getting everything ready for spring.
    I have loved my T-bars. One is 8 yrs old next month. It is nearing 4,000 hrs of absolute heavy use and abuse. It still mows like a champ. That is not to say I haven't had to do some work on it, but it has paid for itself many, many times over. I've used a Lesco with pistol grips... I thought it was scary! Only used it for a few days, but I never felt comfy in tight places like the Toro.

    As far as bagging goes, I have had some people who insist on it, but most don't care, so long as it looks bagged, none of the lawns in the pics were bagged. I run double blades, gator over hi-lift, so it cuts pretty fine. In most lawns I can just side discharge that without anyone noticing or caring. My trucks have 8ft beds, we can mow 75-100 lawns before we need to go to the dump, which I hate doing.
  2. atlcutah

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    how many lawns you guys doing? Geez! Sounds like you guys are doin well. I think that I am going to try out a Toro this week. They are alot cheaper than the rest it seems. especially for Hydro. I seen a few on you tube and it seems like it moves really well even with the sulky! And you made your own? I saw the sulky with the striping kit that Hustler has and that thing looks crazy. I tried a Hustler last spring the 36" walk behind and that thing was hard on your wrists. But nice machine though. I see alot of guys when I mow in Murray, there are like 4 or 5 other crews that I see every tuesday that I am there. And most of them run the walkers. But I would rather Use a walk behind in those smaller lawns that I have. So do you guys usually start mowin around late march-April sometime? I am excited to finally get out there and start makin some money. I have been reading meters all winter for the power company and its getting old!
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    Yo Evergreen you guys do killer work! I am very impressed with your web site. I would love to take you out to lunch some time to talk shop, get back to me if you can...
    Were you on the news a couple of weeks back talking about N-P-K? I think my wife said it was your company... not so sure

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    Hello, I live in the Sandy/Draper area and want to check in. I hope that my name doesn't offend, I was just having fun. I haven't seen a lot of local people on here. I want to ask for help getting established better.

    I ran a guys lawn care biz out of high school and did really well with that. He left the keys to the rig each day and I did everything else. It was a good business. Did property maintenance and property management for 10 yrs, then retail for 10, then home remodeling/reale state until recently, so I have good business skills, work ethic, etc.

    I have recently started up a new biz after getting out of real estate the last couple years. I have quality equip including a Toro 36 wb with the T bar. I bought that because I loved the bosses way back when(funny you guys mentioned that). I am looking at getting a Toro grandstand for a condo job Im hoping to get. I am sure in time this will become very profitable for me, and I am building my business carefully one step at a time to insure long term success

    Anyway, I have decent equipment and financial resources to get equipped, but what I really need is more customers. I will have better luck next spring, but I am having trouble this late in the season getting customers. I am not sure if I am advertising right, time of season, etc., but I could sure use some help getting some referrals or advice if you could see passing some to me. I could find a way to return the favor.

    I would like to network with you local folk too if you dont mind.

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    this thread is over two years old. but hey, i have no problem dredging it up. live in the sandy area but go to minnesota most weekends. only 16 but love the outdoors. if any of you are near the sandy library send me a pm and i will come over and give ya a quick hello! :)
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    Hey everybody! All American Property Maintenance here, new to this website, it seems like a cool place to talk to people and get info. We service West Jordan, South Jordan, Riverton, Sandy, Draper, Taylorsville area!
  7. nightshutter

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    hello, im in sandy and service south salt lake county and north utah county. Anyone ever needs anything let me know or if your over booked i'll take your accounts :laugh:
  8. Lawnmowingperson

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    Hi I'm from Brigham City Utah I'm just starting my lawn mowing business this year!
  9. Lawnmowingperson

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    Just wondering, how much do you guys charge an hour or per lawn? Also what is the current regular rate for mowing lawns in Utah? Im just starting my business thanks.
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    Hey Guys! Valley Property Services here,we service Provo,Orem and Springville area.This will be my 4th season in the biz if anyone ever needs anything let me know I will be glad to help.

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