anyone from WV

Discussion in 'Network: South' started by DIXO, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. DIXO

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    from WV
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  2. impactlandscaping

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    Mo-Town here:waving:
  3. A1A Lawn Care

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    I live in the west part of virginia bordering West Virginia :cool2:
  4. Tim Wright

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  5. howardsells2000

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    Does anyone have any experience cutting grass in the Romney WV area. I cut grass in Maryland for a few years. I was succesful and new what kind of equipment was needed for that area. Now I'm considering moving to Romney West Virginia. It's a small town, there are big beautiful homes, small average homes and junky houses and mobile homes with junk cars and fallen down trees covering the land. The land varies from flat to darn right mountain sides and everything in between. With gas costing so much and the way properties are spread out I'm thinking I will have to charge higher prices here but I think the average folks around here wont want to spend a lot of money on lawn care. I'm hoping someone in the area could share a little input and give me some sugestions or comments about what I should expect. I seem to see a lot of garden tractors being used by most of the home owner. I was thinking of getting some walk behind commercial mowers such as a 52" Ferriss dual hydro. What does everyone think. Will this mower be a good choose and will I be able to charge as much as I did in Middle River Md?
    Howard's Professional Lawn Service LLC
  6. mowerman2u

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    Martinsburg , here
  7. RRF

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    Just wanted to let everyone know in the greater DC area I have some equip for sale:

    1993 F700 flatbed w/ 5000LB crane (mechanically perfect & doesn't look too bad either); 460 w/ 9 speed (extra PTO avail); Winch on front. Runs excellent. Asking $6200 OBO (crane is probably worth $6000 by itself).

    2004 Hudson 6-ton trailer 20ft with dove tail/ramps; tandem axle; excellent trailer, never any problems. Asking $3200 OBO.

    2005 Daewoo 450+ Skid steer; 65HP; 1950LBs (but really doesn't tip until 2450); Cummins diesel; 600+ hrs; Has 4 full size tires (but have original smaller tires & rubber tracks -> one wheel needs repair to put tracks back on); Comes w/ forks, dirt bucket (rock bucket avail separately). Very torqy & quiet compared to Bobcat. Asking $17,000 OBO.

    ** Will sell Skid Steer / trailer together for $19,000.
    ** Will sell F700 / trailer / skidsteer together for $24,000

    2003 Dodge 3500 Cummins Diesel auto (not 4wd); Quad cab; Some minor accident damage / dings / dents - still looks pretty good; Nada retail $15K, asking $9,000 OBO. 90K miles / has reese gooseneck hitch, too.

    Can send you pics / more info / phone # if you email me at:

    i n f o @ R i v e r R o x F a r m . c o m

    ** obviously take out the spaces above **

    I am located 10 mins from Berryville VA (15 mins from Charles Town WV, 30 mins from Martinsburg WV, 35 mins from Frederick MD, 20 mins from Winchester VA, 20 mins from Purcellville VA, 30 mins from Leesburg VA, 45 mins from Sterling VA, etc) if you want to see equip firsthand.

    I have surplus river stone to sell, too. See my product I used to sell at:

    I have three (3) pallets of 'Magic Salt' for close out (2 pallets 50LB bags 49 bags each / 1 pallet 25LB bags 96 bags); Green Ice melt product by EPA designated for environment; For more details about magic salt see web site:

    Probably going out of biz..

    Regards, -Gary Hoffman
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    st. albans here
  9. lawntechniques09

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    from ona, wv
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    Hutington to charleston here!!!!!
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    On the state line in Bluefield!:cool2:

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