Anyone get inspected? fined?

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hi guys,

I mow lawns, just got my licence to spray this year. up in Canada. in my town i can only use FIESTA (4% chelated iron) for broadleaf weeds.

i did the courses, tests, downloaded the rules, and no were does it talk about
things on my mind,

do i need 'containment works' to store concentrate in my garage?
must be building separate from home?
what do inspectors check for?
they check you on work sites? at your home or work address?
can u mix as you go in backpacks? (im new/small client list)

Wish I could talk to an inspector.. never seen one around.
lawn card writing/info error: 500$fine
using prohibited products: 8,000$
spraying for money with no permit: literally 250k & up to 6 months jail

they don't take it lightly here. Weed mans been nailed many times
local guys claim they get stopped here and there but they dont have time to talk usually.

So - Curious if you've been inspected, on a job or at your shop, and what your experience was like, and any fines, etc.



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I'm surprised that info isn't included in the training manual. You should contact the appropriate pesticide authority in your Territory.


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let's see. in short

for storage:

As long as it's in a separate area from children. food, animal, animal feed, and it's heated, rain proof and locked you're good. keep a distance between pesticide and fertilizer.

Having an emergency plan + phone number, extinguisher outside near door is a must. A spill kit good enough for the biggest liquid container you store is also a no-brainier. Having a dedicated broom, duster, container ( solid or bag) for solid spill, knife and other tools is recommended

you can store a 2.5 gallons jug on a shelf. a 35 gallons drum with transfer pump should be in a containment area like a mortar mixing tub. An low side tote is good when transferring from a jug to a tip'n poor.

In short, limit the possibility of spill, improper use and contamination.

The other point an inspector will look
your pesticide data like customer address, size of turf treated, qty of pesticide, weather, time, day etc...

are you following the label.

if an inspector show up it's because it's time for the inspection ( every year? 2 years? or 3 years?) or because they have a complaint.

They are like the DOT: we don't know when they show up, just be ready by doing the comment sense and follow the label and law.


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Don't know anything about Canadian inspectors. Seem to me that they are like reasonable people until they are provoked. I would probably give them a call and say you have a couple questions. They might even stop by with helpful advice. However once they walk on the property they can't ignore violations so easily,even when you didn't know it was violation and that's why you called them. And be aware that they only care about their regulations.. you passed the agriculture inspection but failed the fire marshal inspection. If you join a trade association such as Planet they will have a few brochures on how to do inspections and have a couple of people on staff to walk you through what to do in emergency. Trade shows also have speakers that give talks. Like the Nurserymen would have a DOT representative show up and talk about all the new regulAtions in 2021. There are all kinds of regulations on the books but it is really how they interpret them that counts. My only advice is to be polite no matter how wrong they are


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Too many headaches for a short application window for me to bother spraying weeds

and the additional insurance cost was an issue as well

I only spray for a few loyal customers and that’s it

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Only inspections I've had is the dang Commercial Veh guys pulling me over. Twice within 3 wks last year. Idiots. Complete waste of time.

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