Anyone get sentimental over a yard?


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There are a few that I miss taking care of - especially the ones that I had cut for years and the new people do it themselves and now it looks like crap.

Just this past week, I was considering texting a pic (to a former client) of the clumps of dried grass all over a lawn that used to look so nice while I was cutting it.

Some of the people I miss.
Had a lady who used to bring a cold bottle of water out and set it on a wall for me when I was nearly finished.

I miss the women who used to pull cash out of her bikini top to pay me too. ;)

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Today was my last cut for a great customer who tipped every time I cut. He's moving off to Mississippi and I've cut the yard for four seasons. Young couple moving in that doesn't care as much about having a great-looking yard. My last 10 minutes, or so, I was thinking of it being my last cut.
Love your avatar. I think everyone has had at least one lawn that they felt nostalgic about never coming back to.


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I've been fortunate to cut for some fantastic clients over the years-I miss the old country club crowd who have now sadly moved on, though I still retain some accounts where I've inherited the new people.

I've been around long enough to see quite a few properties change hands-always bittersweet after taking care of a place for so many years.

but hey, that's the way it works, we're all just passing through, right?


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I lost a yard but I do not miss it one bit. It was a $70 yard but to much trimming and having to mow a slop was to much. The client moved away and I was very happy.
i think that i would have "moved" away way before they moved away!

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