Anyone growing their own plants for installs?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by andyslawncare, Jun 29, 2012.

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    I recently rooting some woody plants to see what I could come up with. I already have about 400 plants in my nursery area to include: mondo grass, dwarf mondo grass, stella de oro day lillies, mexican petunia, big blue liriope, vairegated liriope, vinca minor, and a few varieties of iris. I've been adding and dividing theses plants since last spring, and have already made some extra cash from including them in my installs. I have a drip irrigation zone set up for them, and my progress is good.

    I now have over 500 plants in the rooting stage, including: daisy gardenia, gardenia radicans, august beauty gardenia, kaladiscope abelia, trailing lantana, chappel hill lantana, 2 types of butterfly bush, shasta daisy, sky pencil holly and a few others that are in the questionable stage.

    I've also re-potted several small plants from my wholesalers to see how fast I'm able to size up the pots...just to see if its worth doing.

    I don't have a green house, but I found a good deal at walmart for their 72 cell seed starters for $3 each. They work great! I had aerial roots on vinca minor in 3 days, 1 CM roots on trailing lantana in 1 week, and 1-2 cm roots on sky pencil holly in 1 month. I put some butterfly bush cuttings outside in 4'' pots less than a month ago, and have about 2'' of root on them now; I started with rooting gardenia cuttings for about 4 weeks in water, and finally decided to put them in pots because I wasn't seeing any action...I have 4'' pots almost full now! I use rooting powder.

    What are you guys growing for install? Do you only use your plants for install, or do you sell them to the public too?

    Please don't talk legality to me because I already know it. Just curious to what others are doing, as I may have found my new calling--or just a really busy hobby that makes money, possibly another branch of business in the future. So far I've just been recycling pots from previous installs.
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    Looking to get in this myself. Just need to start taking cuttings. this is a good source for info. Did you root them in sand then transplant to good soil or did you just put in good soil from the start?Not trying to sell you anything just helping out.
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    I grow most of the plants used in installs but I also buy from other nurseries as well. I also well them wholesale and retail. I carry one gallon to fifteen gallon stock.
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    Mike has a great youtube series too. I'm familiar with him.

    Most of my cuttings are started in mini green houses, or seed starters that I bought at walmart. I bout 72 cells for just over $3.00...plastic, so I can reuse.

    My mix is 2 parts natures helper, 2 parts potting soil, and 1 part pine bark....well blended.

    I had success so far outside with rooting gardenia with 5'' stem in water then placing in 4'' pot and soil mixture outside. I left it inside for about 1 month and didn't see any good roots so I just tried to stick it... 4/5 gardenias have now rooted a full pot.

    I also had outside success, even after 100+ degree days with cuttings from butterfly bush with no rooting hormone direct plant into the pots. I did leave on 2 leaves on the butterfly bush and I cut the leaves in half.
  5. andyslawncare

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    My pots get automatic watering through my drip system with micro sprays....Water for 10-15 minutes 3 times per day this time of year.
  6. nightshutter

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    I'm in the process of building some large grow boxes but in the mean time im using plastic seed starters in sand with a 6" dome. I took 60 cuttings of wintergem boxwoods but they are not doing too great.They fried in the sun. My porch is in the sun for a few hours a day. Im not on intermittent mist or anything yet, So they are only getting watered 3 times a day. I'll get better success when I get the mist set up
  7. FLCthes4:11-12

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    I grow some stuff myself. Where I do my best is finishing out jap maples, bumping roses from 8" to full #3 and others that are in high demand. I try not to grow anything that I can buy cheap, or that needs spraying such as gardenia or azaleas. Also I have done well by buying cheap cheap stuff out of mobile or the likes and prune, fert and flush once then it is worth what the retailers are getting. You can almost double your money in less than a growing season. Stock up on speciman plants tha you like to include in your design. Liriope, lantana, and vinca are too cheap for me to waste city water on.
  8. andyslawncare

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    Fortunately, I'm on a well :)

    I'm going to get into Japanese Maples and Dogwoods this fall, but instead of growing up I'm going to seed and graft myself to keep overhead very low and to have a much larger supply. Currently, I'm more on the route of rooting cuttings of all of the known evergreen shrubs that I can; I've had pretty good success so far since I started this thread. I like to grow the herbaceous perennials because they are easy to grow and easy to sell. I'm considering buying into the forums so I can buy rooted cuttings, but the site is pretty expensive to join and I can redo my irrigation with mist for less money. This is the controller that I'll buy in the spring:
  9. andyslawncare

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    By the way Ground Covers of GA went out of business, and there is a good deal to be had in Riverdale, GA on pots. I bought brand new trays and 4'' liners for about $0.75 each. Brand new terra-cotta color 1 gallon pots for $0.10. He also has a bunch of propagating cells for very cheap.
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    I have over 100 different varieties of Day Lilies I sell and install for my clients. My family has grown Day Lilies for many years and had a retail business for 10 years or so.
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