Anyone had to buy rear tires for a Lazer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn-Scapes, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. Lawn-Scapes

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    $103.00 each at my dealer. :eek: Holy smokes!

    Anyone recommend someplace else (after market) or is that the going rate everywhere?
  2. BSDeality

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    yep, doesn't surprise me an ounce, i had to buy a front and rear tire for a Kubota diesel garden tractor this spring, $43 for the front, $102 for the rear! They're more expensive than car tires
  3. mowerman90

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  4. Lawn-Scapes

    Lawn-Scapes LawnSite Silver Member
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    Now that's more like it!!! Thanks mowerman90!
  5. Mr.Ziffel

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    ...more to the story on buying on the internet. Yes, I've bought plenty of stuff on the internet, but when I recently sliced a huge gash in the sidewall on my LazerZ I ended up buying locally.

    By the time I paid for the tire and shipping from CedarRapidsTire, my local dealer's price was only a couple of dollars difference. [Less than $5 as I recall]

    Buying from internet I had to pay for tire and shipping but no tax. BUT, then I had to take it somewhere to put a valve stem in and get it mounted, plus pay the tax on that part of the deal. Every dealer I called was very close in price to do that part of the deal, plus if there was a problem with the tire, WELL they said, you'll have to deal with whoever you bought it from.

    I bought mine at the tire store down the road from me. They had to order it and it was the exact same tire I already had on there and the same as the one from the internet - Carlisle. They put in a new valve stem and mounted it as part of the deal, plus if there's ever a warranty problem with it, they take care of it.

    I know this is going on, but I just had to get up and find my invoice and here it is, from the local Les Schwab Tire Store, a well known Western chain.

    Tubless Valve Stem 3.25
    Industrial Tire Sale 50.05
    Industrial Tire Freight 12.00
    Sales Tax 5.55

    Total for Carlise 24 X 1200 - 12 - $70.85

    Check your local dealer first.
    Will M>
  6. Those tires are very easy to change with 2 large screw drivers, a knife and a pair of pliers.

    J-Thomas free shipping.

    Mr.Ziffel; he did check with dealer that's where the $103 comes from.
  7. Runner

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    Man. I just thank goodness that we have an outfit around here called Kan Rock Tire. I have no idea if they are a national, regional, or local, but they have phenominal deals on all these tires, and do the work right there on the spot. I've bought smaller turf tires and smoothies from them before, and they've done repairs for me without even charging me before. These guys are great.

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