Anyone have 1 of these

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ChadsLawn, Aug 17, 2006.

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    There have been a few threads about these mowers over the years. Do a search and I think you'll find generally low opinions and experiences with these mowers.
  3. greengiant9963

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    I have one that I purchased a couple years ago. I only have a few small gated lawns left and was just taking room up on trailer. So it is sitting in the shop for now. It actually is a nice little mower. Not at all in the league of a commercial 36 inch exmark TThp that I use to run. But as long as you are not cutting lawns or 3 to 4 inches of growth it cuts and runs good. Oh one more thing. Is terrible on hills. Will not hold a hill for crap.
  4. Liquidfast

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    It's true, it wont hold a hill to save your life but this darn thing will cut through anything IMO. I picked the unit up for just over $800 and so far, its money well spent. I would rather abuse that little machine (it has taken a beating and still asks for more) than run my more expensive units through the wringer.

    For laughs, this year, I have seen two landscapers with sulkys. This machine doesnt have one nor would I want one for it but anyway, I stand a*ss backwards on it looking in the other direction, then press the handle down and ride it from the front of the machine. It's only good for maybe 10 feet or so before veering off to one side and hitting a curb but thats just me.
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    That thing is a pile of crap that is built in China. The quality of cut is horrible and they have belt problems. Parts are hard to come by as well.
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    ^What he said.
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    got one do you want it Let my best friend use it when his mower went down and have not gotten it back yet but at least he is using it here it was jsut sitting I hated it
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    Reliability hasnt been an issue, other than a few small bolts that sheared off.Mine has a 13 B and S on it so it has plenty of power for high stuff,Im always suprised at what it will go thru and mulch.If you use it as a primary mower you will end up looking like Hercules as its a bear to use and no sulky.Buy a quick instead,few hundred extra,wish I had. You get what you pay for.With extra blades, belts etc, I think it was 1500 otd.

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