Anyone have a "Carry-On" enclosed trailer?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Johnson LCO, Feb 11, 2008.

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    I went to lowes and got mine it's a 6x12x6 w/ramp & side door its nice and it was only $3,395 before tax naot a bad price. the trailer pulls nice & holds all of my equipment....this is just my opinion
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    Yes, the do sell haulmark as well.
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    Does anyone know where the Vin number is suppose to be on a 5x8 Carry On enclosed trailer 2004 model. The theives painted over where I think its suppose to be.
    I have watched craigslist since it was stolen and found it. Well trying to verify its mine.

    Please help if anyone knows where on the drivers side on the tongues there is suppose to be a sticker with the vin. We sanded the paint but need to know if vin is on top or bottom , right or left of the sticker. Any help appreciated...
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    Carry-on uses a sticker that is easily removable.
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    The trailer is warrantied for 3 years for structure.

    Within our warranty period (loaded with a 900lb ferris and 300 lb walk behind only on a dual axle trailer) our leaf springs broke on one side (not warrantied, ok). After this, the door fell off and the support beams underneath the trailer bent from the underloaded trailer. They denied the warranty. The email transcript is here:


    Any word on this Avery?

    Thank you.

    Hi Avery

    I have to bring the trailer in for a trailer inspection this month so I will have them take a look at it and put together another estimate. I will keep you posted thanks for your help.


    Hi Avery I just left you a voicemail. I just wanted to follow up with an email with some pictures. I still haven't been able to get a second quote on the trailer but I just did notice on the same trailer yesterday the rear back leaf springs snapped. The mower is about 900 pounds that sits on top of those axles. We also have a second backup mower that is not nearly as heavy probably around four or five hundred pounds. Outside of that there are a handful of hand tools. I don't understand how the support beams and the leaf springs broke. See attached photos.
    Please provide me with a receipt with a date when you purchased your trailer.

    Warranty and Claims Rep.
    Carry-On Trailer, Inc.
    706-356-5379 ext. 1

    Hi Avery,

    The invoice is attached. I should be able to get a new estimate sometime this week- we haven't had a chance as the trailer is in constant use except on the weekends when the mechanic is closed. Thank you.


    Avery, I just got this message today

    Just tryed closing the trailor door an it's looking like this?

    Hi Avery

    What is the latest on this? Thank you.

    Hi Avery

    Do you have an update? Thank you


    Waiting for a return of my 3 messages and same number of emails. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and honoring your warranty.



    I asked for a quote for repairs to your trailer. I got a quote for $947.50. I told you it was too high to please get another quote.

    Then I get a bill for $1280.22 were you had the trailer repaired without getting any approval from Carry-On Trailer.

    If the quote of $947.50 was too high then why would you get the trailer repaired at a cost of $1280.22 and expect Carry-On to pay for it?

    Sorry your claim has been denied.

    Warranty and Claims Rep.
    Carry-On Trailer, Inc.
    706-356-5379 ext. 1


    The door fell off the trailer after you received the initial quote. The initial quote was for straightening the supports under the trailer only ($947.50)

    The repair bill was for both straightening the supports and welding the door back on ($1280.22) from a second repair shop since you did not like the quote from the first.

    Your lack of communication (multiple phone calls and emails) forced us to get the repair done without your approval of the quote.

    I will be consulting a lawyer to recoup these expenses.

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