Anyone have a hotel contract?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hudsonvalleylawns, Apr 18, 2005.

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    Hello! I am a first-time poster. I needed some advice. I just landed my first hotel contract this winter. I did the plowing in the winter and am about to start doing the lawns. Does anyone else have a hotel contract? If so, do you treat it any differently than other commercial acccounts? How often do you mow, and when do you do it? I'm figuring on going over every Saturday, but I wasn't sure if I should also definitely plan on a day during the week every week, or only as needed. I'd really appreciate any feedback, thanks a lot. I don't want to screw this up!
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    Hi, and welcome to Lawnsite.
    I think the best thing you can do is communicate with the supervisor that you dealt with when submitting your bid to the hotel. You should ask him if there is a day that they do not want you to mow. I would think weekends would be the worst time to service a hotel, I'd pick a weekday early in the week for their service. You should be talking to him to find out what their expectations and requirements are.
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    Welcome, the first thing i would do is move your Sat. to a Thurs. or Friday. Generally hotels and motels are busier on the weekends so if you want to be in the good graces of your customer I would switch the days you plan to mow them.
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    I mow two Celebrity Resorts hotels/suites in steamboat springs. I mowed each place on Wednesdays, that way there weren't too many guests on the property. They took forever to pay the first part of the season last year, just started back up again this week. They take awhile to pay/make decesions because everything must get approved by their corparate office back in Fl. make sure everything is under written contract, and good luck. mark

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    We also maintain 2 large hotel resorts on the Jersey shore. We mow them on tuesdays. We try to stay away from them on weekends. The worst part about
    hotels is as the previous poster stated, they pay slow, sometimes out 90 days for extra work but it is usually worth it due to the amount of work they
    generate.. Good Luck
    PS. Keep the flowers at the entrance and the lobby entrance looking good,
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    Need to mow during the week and not before 8:00am and not after around 4:00pm. You can't be running mowers and blowing off when any guest are around. Flowers are important and so is irrigation...keep it set right. Fertilize often and keep bushes looking nice and give same day response to special request.
  7. sildoc

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    Times to mow. Tuesday thru Thursday. As stated do not crank a mower or power tool until after 8am. be done before 2 or 3 if at all possible. Fri-mondays are very busy although monday afternoons are ok also.
    Always make sure the front desk area is real nice. If you do annuals and seasonal color make sure to plant extra in the other areas to be place around the front desk area in case of accidental (ha ha) trampling. Keep your shrubs looking good. and keep the grass green.
    First commercial bid I got and learned allot from was a motel 6. Better green grass and ragged than mediocre grass and nice stripes. If you have to do an extra fert or Fe supplement at your cost do it.
    I started with one motel 6 and now have 4 of them and 7 other motel/hotels in the last 3 years.
    They are very picky and price conscious but pay regularly once established.

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