Anyone have a Ingersoll Rand 11-14hp gas or 230v compressor?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Im having a damned time finding out exactly online which models and pumps use which flywheel/beltwheel to turn the pump.

    So we cracked our original flywheel on a 5month old 2475F14 gas compressor, 30gallon, 14hp kohler gas compressor with a 26.5cfm flow.

    Beltwheels are supposedly different for every pump model "ours is 2475" as seen in each IR compressors model name. I cant find ANY companies to sell us a replacement at about $200 that will get one to us in less than 5+ weeks, and even that is not guaranteed... its a guestimate, most are 8-14 weeks!

    we were going to buy a 230v 10hp or 7.5hp 80/120 gallon unit for the garage in the spring anyway. Ive been told as long as we got a AC motor unit with a 2475 "same pump as our gas machine", they'll use the same pump flywheel, hence we can switch it to our gas machine currently, until a long awaited replacement arrives to install on the new electric model.

    Does anyone have a IR 80+ gallon compressor that can tell me if their 2475 pump has dual valleys for a twin belt off the electric motor? Only the ac/gas motor crank pulleys are different diameter, but the pump flywheels should all be the same. A IR 5hp model at tractor supply for $999 had the smaller pump, AND a single belt flywheel. Anyone has a picture of one or a 7.5hp or 10hp IR compressor thats 80 or 120 gallons please shoot me a msg! thanks

    AC one we're looking to buy
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    I have a IR compressor and I think it is a T-30 with a big tank. I would have to look at the plate to know more. I would have to look upstairs but I think it has two belts.
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    check your messages
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    So have you tried ...
    Fisler & Cassedy Incorporated
    2912 Federal St Camden NJ 08105
    Phone (856) 964-1243

    They should be able to get you a new fly wheel... if they are still in busness

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