Anyone have a sample Lawn Maintenance agreement

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    What would you have your people sign when they agree for you to service them? any layouts?????? Please post or send me any important layouts or letters I need for landscaping and Lawn maintenace Thanks PROs:dancing:
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    yea i would also like to see some
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    Do a search. It should pull up multiple threads on this subject.
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    Here is ours:

    Haven Landscaping, LLC Lawn Maintenance Contract​

    This contract is an agreement between Haven Landscaping, LLC, hereinafter referred to as the contractor, and ______________________, hereinafter referred to as the client. Contractor and client hereby promise and agree to the following: The contractor agrees to provide the services detailed in the following specifications and attached Technical Addendum. The client agrees to pay the charges specified herein.

    Mowing, Edging and Trimming: All turf areas shall be mowed as needed (please refer to your detailed attached Addendum) so that no more than 1/3 of the leaf blades are removed per mowing. Mowing shall be with a (reel/rotary/or mulching) mower. Mower blades will be sharp at all times to provide a quality cut. Mowing height will be according to grass type and variety. Clippings will be left on the lawn as long as no readily visible clumps remain on the grass surface 36 hours after mowing. Otherwise, large clumps of clippings will be distributed by mechanical blowing or collected and removed by the contractor. In the case of fungal disease
    outbreaks, clippings will be collected until the disease is undetectable.
    Tree rings and plant beds and all buildings, sidewalks, fences, driveways, parking lots
    and other surfaced areas bordered by grass will be edged every mowing. Contractor will clean all clippings from sidewalks, curbs and roadways immediately after mowing and/or edging. Clippings will not be swept, blown, or otherwise disposed of in sewer drains. Bagging of clippings is available upon request for an extra fee. In the event of uncontrollable circumstances (weather, holidays, etc…) preventing us from providing you with our services, we will provide our services either earlier or later during your scheduled week.

    The contractor will carry liability amounts and workmen’s compensation coverage required by law on his operators and employees and requires same of any sub-contractors, and provide proof of same to the client. The contractor is also responsible for obtaining any licenses and/or permits required by law for activities on client’s property.

    Situations which the Contractor may deem are his/her responsibility:
    Any damage due to operation of his equipment in performing the contract.
    Complying with all laws pertaining to protected plant species.
    Any damage to plant material due to improper horticultural practices.

    Situations which the Contractor may deem are not his/her responsibility:
    Death or decline of plant materials (i.e. replacement of sod or seed) due to improper selection, placement, planting, or maintenance done before the time of this contract.
    Damage due to improper irrigation components existing at the time of contract execution.
    Exposed cables/wires or sprinkler components/lines normally found below the lawn's surface.
    Flooding, storm, wind or cold damages.
    Disease or damage to lawns or landscape plants caused by excessive irrigation or lack of water due to inoperative irrigation components.
    Damage caused by or to any item hidden in the landscape and not clearly guarded or marked.
    Damage due to vandalism.

    Specifications and Attached Technical Addendum

    Your contract is for lawn maintenance at the location and with specific description described below:








    The term of your contract is as followed. The length of our contract is mentioned above. A cancellation of the contact, by either Haven Landscaping, LLC or client, must give the other party a two week notice in advance. In the event that Haven Landscaping, LLC goes out of business, and client has prepaid for services, the client will be fully reimburse for services not yet given. The charge for monthly, specified services will be specified in a monthly invoice. A deadline date of the first of the month is expected, with payment received no later than the fifth day of the month, without a late payment charges of $10.00 added to the bill, per month without payment, should also be considered. Any additional or unscheduled services agreed on by client and contractor will be billed separately. I HAVE READ FULLY THE ABOVE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THEM. In witness where of, the parties to this contract have signed and executed it as indicated.

    Client ________________________________

    Date _________________________________

    Contractor ____________________________

    Date _________________________________
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