Anyone have a sign on the rear of their open trailer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MowingMowingMowing, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. MowingMowingMowing

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    Just wondering if you do, how it has worked out for you? Pros? Cons? How large of a sign did you get? Do you recall the cost of making it?

    I don't see it a whole lot, but was wondering if anybody has any experience with them?

    How does it hold up with it being open and closed all day?

    If you do have one, feel free to post it on here.

    Thanks guys!
  2. Landscape Poet

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    I have had one for several years now. The size is about the entire width and length of my gate. It is a metal sign that I used self tapping screws to tap into the trailer. In regards to how it has held up, I would say pretty good overall.
    Downfalls - it of course causes another point of resistance so expect your fuel mileage to go down.
    As far as cost. I think it was roughly $125
  3. MowingMowingMowing

    MowingMowingMowing LawnSite Senior Member
    from Midwest
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    Does it make it harder to see at all? I'm just envisioning when I look in the mirror while in traffic I can clearly see between the gate now, does having the full sign make it significantly harder to see?

    Also, what all did you include on the sign? I was thinking Name of company, phone number, slogan, FULLY INSURED, maybe website, maybe Residential & Commerical... I don't want it to get too cluttered though.

    Would you mind posting a pic of how yours is set up?
  4. rreyn1812

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    Mine is simple. Made of pine board, well primed & painted (black w/ white letters), LAWNCARE & phone # in vinyl letters, 1 yr old and doing well; held on to expanded metal gate (6' x 6') with screws.

    Got at least one job from it last year when I got a call in traffic going from one job to the next. Cost < $20.

    Same kind of signs on both sides of trailer with a little more information about jobs offered (tree & bush-hog services). Live & work in mostly rural areas though. Have gotten multiple jobs from signs and I'm doing one (leaf & gutter clean-up) today!

    Big, fancy signs are great, I guess, if you can afford them and want to go that way, but for me this works!! Simple, clean and straight forward! Good luck with finding what works for you!
  5. bel-nor

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    I had one composed last year it works great. I used rust free fasteners and positioned it in the center of the gate. I try to leave the gate up when working to take advantage of the advertizing aspect. The sign has been responsible for serveral long term jobs and a few one-timers. I had it designed to resemble my business cards. The price was $131.00 with the layout and design.
  6. BINKY1902

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    I had one on the back of mine for two years and never got a call from it so I took it off.

    MMADDUX LawnSite Member
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    I put a regular yard sign on my trailer. Payed like $13 for it. I got one call the first week i had it on and maybe more but don't know. I think it looks more professional. Also you don't have people asking you stupid questions and wasting your time. They can just get the number and call me. Just my 2 cents

    MMADDUX LawnSite Member
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    Sorry.... here is picture but not on the trailer
    0101111535 - Copy.jpg
    it is not crooked just the cell phone

    0101111535 - Copy.jpg
  9. Quix

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    I have a 3' by 4' sign on the back of the gate, cost was about $130 and was the best $130 I ever spent on advertising. I got one customer who saw it which resulted in a $65 weekly plus I also did a $3800 tree job for them. Also the gate is up if parked on the street for additional exposure and to "help" the oncoming cars see my rig better to hopefully avoid an accident. I just cringe with the thought of a car/truck driving up the ramp through my equipment into my truck lol
    The sign is very basic, just name and phone #. Whenever I get a call I always ask how they heard of me so I can see whats working.
  10. TNGrassCutter

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    Most people around here have signs on their gates.
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