Anyone have a thought on what this grass issue looks like?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by libskin, Jun 23, 2012.

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    Hot days take the moister out of the lawn at different rates. And when you have subterranean features like the septic or even boulders and rocks to close to the surface it can do this. I gained a lot of respect and good will from a client once who's front yard was 100% sodded and every year he had reoccurring dead spots in the same place. He asked what we did I told him sorry you got a rock close to the surface there under that sod, the guys who in stalled it did a half ass job. He shook his head in disbelief and walked inside next week there's a huge pit where that spot was and he goes you wouldn't believe the rock that was there touching the bottom of the sod. Not much you can do about it other then digging it up to find out whats wrong and that's not worth it.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    As I said it's a leach field. That pipe is a vent. It's a traditional leach field with drain pipes 6 feet down. So it's definitely not a wetness issue related to the leach field or any other kind of issue related to the leach field.

    I fertilized in early April and AGAIN about a week before this color mismatch became visible. So if anything it's an excess fertilizer issue...but I'm not sure if even that is right since excess fert patterns tend to align with the spreading path....when I last fert'd I spread it 90 degress to these patterns.

    I'm still not sure what this might be coming from. The soil and structure under this area of the lawn is very uniform since the leach field is under the entire area. I.e. it's just 6 feet of large boulders or anything. So that fact plus the fact that this entire area has received the same fertilizer and watering care makes me wonder why there is a non uniform coloration.

    Kelly's Landscaping: your idea on boulders/objects isn't relevant to this area. But your point is very valid for another area that has baffled me in the past. It's not pictured here but the septic tank that feeds the leach field can't be much more than 2 feet under ground. Keeping that area of grass green is impossible. Most likely to the tank having an impact on the soil and grass, the drainage, heat etc etc. Makes perfect sense to me. Thanks for the enlightenment.
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    I still stand by an app of Iron will even it out.:usflag:
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    I forgot to mention I'm persuing a soil test. I posted ( a thread asking for fast turn around testing that includes recommendations. Universities are slow and Logan Labs does not offer recommendations as far as I can tell.
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    Where are you located and has it been dry there as of late?
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    kirk1701 - In MA - 45 minutes west of Boston. It hasn't been dry really. We've had rain and I irrigate (in ground sprinkler system) the pictured area twice per week. I realize I should be doing it once per week and will be changing that. Anyway, based on a test where I put out cat food tins I believe my system drops about 1/8 to 1/4" of water per hour on that area. So the weeks leading up to the picture it saw probably about 1/2" of water on Wed and again on Sat.
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    IMHO than and the fact you got rain I know, its not the drain fields.

    See, where there's a drain field there's moisture and it's not only moisture but that stuff acts just like fertilizer and the green will grow faster and the yellow part in between won't grow at all.

    Even if you watered, you can't do what good old mother nature does with rain water :drinkup: but like I said I know you've gotten plenty a rain up your way and I'm jealous :laugh:

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