Anyone Have A ZTR Puffer Air Ride Seat?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by weeble67, May 12, 2013.

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    I've got 2 Super Z's, and I've broken 2 of these Michigan (now Milsco) suspension seats on my 2006 year model. I'm 225, no lightweight, but no tank either. The original seat broke several of the welds and Milsco sent a new seat as a replacement at no charge, the seat they shipped was not like the original, it was a cheaper version, no lumbar adjustment. I gave my dealer $50 to upgrade to my original seat, 1 yr after the replacement, the new seat broke as well.

    This time Milsco sent the correct seat free of charge, and paid the shipping back for the one that broke, supposedly so their quality control department could try and figure out why they were breaking.

    They call this a high dollar upgrade for the Michigan (Milsco) suspension seat, like you say something over $500, but if you go to your dealer and buy the seat straight out of parts you can probably buy it for $400 or a little above, depending on the dealer. The seat I posted the link on is one like they sent me the first time without the lumbar adjustment. This means if they can sell this seat for $329.99 and still make good money, they could sell the same seat I have with the lumbar adjustment for $375 and make money with no problem.

    I have no interest in buying a seat when they are replacing mine for free, but I would say if your seat is in really top notch shape, $225 would be a fair price to both parties.
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    Please give us a review weeble after you get to use it. I'm in the market for a new seat as well.
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    I agree!
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    Thank you for the info. I do have the upgraded seat with the lumbar support. With this information and a little research my price changed to 225.00. I am a larger man [320 tank lol] I have upgraded to the Grammar seat witch is rated for 370 lbs.
    Thanks for all your help, Clay
  5. puppypaws

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    I take it your Super Z has the HyperDrive hydraulic system, which is by far light ages beyond the competition. You are a big man, but from what I've seen with the new 72" Super Z I purchased last year with the "industrial grade" (other commercial ztr's utilize commercial grade hydraulics), it will handle your weight along with the mowers at zero stress to the system.

    Which Super Z did you purchase, deck and engine?
  6. C&C Landscaping

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    I have the 2012 model with the 31 kasi with the HyperDrive hydraulic system - 60in xv4 deck - flex forks. Love it - ride is great in most cases. I cut some lg vacant property's that beat me up somewhat. With my weight I bottom out the seat at times. My local dealer had a 104 SZ with the Grammar seat on it and I seen that it was rated for 370 lbs, tried it out and loved it. It is supposed to be delivered today. I really didn't see the reason for all the speed the Z has with me not being able to use it thus the new heaver rated seat.
    Thanks Clay
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    The seat, or the 104 is being delivered? No doubt you will love the Grammar seat. I looked at the Puffer Air Ride seat base and it appears you could put any reasonably padded seat on this platform and it would give a ride second to none. Take a look, it appears to have a strong build, and it could be micro adjusted for any weight.

    I do utilize the maximum speed delivered by the Super Z, and with excellent results at a 3" cutting height. They claim my mower is a 16 mph machine, but I can tell you it is no where close to 16 mph, about 14 1/2 max.
  8. C&C Landscaping

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    My seat WAS delivered today. Will install tomorrow.
  9. Sprinkler Buddy

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    Looking forward to your results after you have used it for awhile.
  10. retrodog

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    What did the grammer set you back?
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