Anyone Have A ZTR Puffer Air Ride Seat?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by weeble67, May 12, 2013.

  1. madmathew

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    I'd love to see some pics of it installed also.:)
  2. Shoreline

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    I measured the height difference today while sitting on the seat, not an easy thing to do, and I sit about 3 1/2" or so higher than before the puffer was installed.

    For those asking for pictures of it installed, sorry but that's not high on my priority list. You can see pictures of the puffer on their web site so just imagine it sitting between your seat and the base.
  3. greenology

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    I think you need to get your priorities right and look after your fellow LS members!

    Haha just kidding, I know its a PITA taking pix and loading them up.

    So you reckon the ride is a large percentage better than without it? Have you ever tried a Mech susp seat, just curious as u could give an idea on how much better the air ride may be. Cheers
  4. fatboynormmie

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    Got my Puffer seat base installed Tuesday. Took it out on my roughest property which is super rutted in spots. It made a huge difference in comfort on my 152z and to my surprise I saved about 12 mins on my cut time. I was able to carry more speed at a higher comfort rate.

    My mechanical suspension sat at 4 1/2" to the bottom of the seat.(with no one on seat)Once seated sat about 2 1/2-3"

    Puffer inflated sat at 6 1/4" to seat bottom (with no one on seat) Once seated would hover around 3 1/2" - 4 "

    The Puffer is very tunable for conditions on the fly. I found I needed a little more pressure for the super rough commercial property I cut. So far on all my other lawns I found a little less pressure was better for a more comfortable ride.

    The extra height of the Puffer placed my levers for the hydro's closer to my legs but on my Gravely my levers were easily adjusted up for more comfort.

    Even though the Puffer sit's higher I was still able to cut my hill's just the same as before with the mechanical suspension. One thing I did notice when going up a large hill I noticed that I actually brace my feet firmly on the floorboard and as I start climbing the hill I found my bracing caused the Puffer to extend to the top of the suspension which felt weird and caught me by surprise. But this caused no real issue and if I don't want it to happen I have to not brace myself.

    Another thing that I noticed is as the seat suspension collapses it actually moves the seat forward just a little and at first it felt kinda like the seat was popping forward on the hinge . It's just another thing to get use to that's all.

    As far as a company go's I can't say enough about Mark the owner of the company. He backs the unit with a money back guarantee and when I questioned about the 300lb max weight rating he assured me the seat was up to the task but if any problems were to arise he was going to get the parts upgraded to make me a custom unit.

    Mark has personally tested the air bladder up to 500lbs .And the bladder is rated to handle up to 100psi and the onboard compressor on the suspension only pumps up to 45lb max so the unit has a large safety margin to protect from failures. Saying that I will be putting a thrashing on the unit and will update this thread after some hr's are accrued .

    Comfort wise it's leaps and bounds better then my mechanical suspension IMO !!!!!

    Have more pics but they won't load .Will try to get some more in the next couple days for you guys .



  5. greenology

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    Excellent review! Thanks very much for the photos.

    What happens with the kill switch in the seat, does the puffer have its own kill switch that wires into the ZTRs existing wiring?
  6. fatboynormmie

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    You get an extension harness in the seat kit but my extension harness from my mechanical seat suspension worked so I didn't change it. I did flip my actual seat switch assembly around 180 degrees on the bottom of the seat for more clearance for the harness plug.
  7. fatboynormmie

    fatboynormmie LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Couple more pics. I know the seat looks high in these pics but once you sit on the seat it drops down. Also when doing hills you always have the option to drop all the air out of the suspension for lower center of gravity, but it's at the cost of comfort as you would have no suspension .


  8. greenology

    greenology LawnSite Senior Member
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    cool, so the pressure switch is installed in the puffer & it comes with a harness to adapt to the ZTR?
  9. fatboynormmie

    fatboynormmie LawnSite Bronze Member
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    No sir, the Puffer does not contain a seat switch (safety) they just supply a harness extension for your factory installed seat switch .

    After running the Puffer for a few days now I find I'm saving a lot of time on my larger open areas. I can drive the mower full tilt in complete comfort where as before the ride was too harsh at full speed.

    At slower speeds inside tight confines (gated tight yards) I keep the seat setting kinda soft. But a higher speeds that soft setting would bottom out. Today I was really focusing on the ride on a large open field and played around with settings and found a really nice setup. I found I could keep a softer setting at higher speeds by using my legs to hold a little upward pressure on the suspension over the rough areas. This made for a SUPER soft comfy ride as your really using the full range of suspension. The more I use the Puffer the more I wish I would have bought one years ago .
  10. dualsmows

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    This is an old post but is anyone using this set-up?

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