Anyone have an "everlow yew" for sale--within 150 miles of Kansas City?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by jaes, May 20, 2006.

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    Eight years ago, I purchased two (2) "Everlow yews" (Taxus x media 'everlow'). One of the yews died several years ago. Every Spring, for the past several years, I have tried to locate a new plant to replace the one that died. For example, I went back to the nursery that I had purchased the two yews eight years ago--- no luck--- I was told the yews were "unavailable." I visited and phoned several nurseries in Kansas City--- no luck. On one occasion, nursery staff said "yes, we have it." But, when I checked the tag on the yew, the plant was NOT a "Taxus x media 'everlow.' ---in fact, if was a yew variety that grew 3 to 4 ft high --- I was told that I could periodically trim the yew to make it "everlow." Please, Please is there anyone within 100 miles of the Kansas City area that will sell me a true "Everlow yew"? The remaining everlow yew is very lonely---please, help. jaes.

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