anyone have any grasshopper attatchments

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JML, Mar 16, 2001.

  1. JML

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    i was wondering if anyone has tried any of the attatchments that grasshopper makes for their hopper. I am interested in getting the snowblower and aerator, they look pretty good. Just curious if anyone has used any of the attatchments..


  2. anderson lawn

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    I bought a 60-inch AERA=vator last year and love it. I've been getting alot of jobs from home owners who mow themselves but want their lawn aerated.
    I just bought the 132 inch Shielded Sprayer this week and plan on just spraying and aeravating. I believe the sky the limit in offering these two services.

  3. bob

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    Don't have thode,but I have a 48" plow. I bought it used for $200. My son uses it to clear drive ways in our development. I also used it on a 12 yard mulch job to push the mulch. I did the job in a hour and 20 minutes using the plow.
  4. deinck

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    Hey JML
    I looked at those hooded sprayers for grasshoppers they really look like the cats meow. I would really like to get one but they are quite spendy the one I look at was right at $4000 if you run across a used one or cheaper one let me know. I have a 721 diesel with a 61 in and a 72in deck and have thatchizer and vacunm collecter. I love my grasshopper equipment. Best purchase I ever made.
    Dave Einck
    Pro-Cut Lawn & Hydroseeding Service

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