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Anyone have experience with a Ybravo commercial 21" mower?

DFW Area Lawn Care

LawnSite Member
Garland, TX
I checked out a new commercial lawnmower at a dealer in Dallas. Brand new design. www.ybravo.com

These guys are the first and only to carry it in Dallas, but they said it has been out for a year in California? Just curious if anyone on here in Cali has tried it out?

It looks simple enough. Sort of like a mating of Snapper and Honda.

Primarily I am concerned about bent shafts as there is no guard plate and also curious about the mulching quality since there are no baffles in the deck.

Thanks in advance. My first post.


LawnSite Silver Member
Id like to know were its assembled and were the sum of its parts are made, I would be interested if it wasn't made in china
Demoed one today and that was my first question, was it made in China. Yes it was. However it is an american company. Like Nike they have their stuff made overseas and shipped here for sale.

On to my demo.
Rained an inch today so toughest condition possible to demo a mower. Highlift blade was excellent, their combo blade(mulch type) sucked, clogging the entire bottom of the deck.
Bag worked well and vented easily.
Overall impression was a decent mower.
Honda Commercial engine, just like every one else.
Cables were nice and tucked away handled well.
Parts are cheap which is a bonus.

My main concerns are Longevity. The company was started in 09 which doesn't give much time to work out kinks.
Dealer support since there are few dealers around.
Price point is pretty high for a mower that is competing against proven American Companies.

They have said they are working on a 25 inch deck and since we mainly run the exmark 26 I might be waiting to see that machine before I make a decision.

Az Gardener

LawnSite Gold Member
Phoenix, Az
My dealer who is more of a mower techie than a small businessman is ga-ga over the thing. He goes on and on about how they used the best components of the various mowers and came up with this Frankenstein of a mower. He loves the thing and he is usually pretty reserved.


LawnSite Silver Member
How many different spins off of a Honda can we have?:rolleyes: Hustler has already done it. This thing has a Honda engine , Honda wheels, etc. Just buy a Honda!!!! Man, if I were going to build a mower, I'd build something different.