Anyone have luck with BNI?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mapleleaf, Aug 24, 2009.

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    anytime you have a chance to network with others, it is a great oppotunity. People do business with people they know and trust, so the more people that get to know you on a more than just business level, the more business you should recieve.
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    Very good thread!
    I am wanting to join too and I have attended my first meeting last week. The only thing holding me back right now is the cash. I have spent just about everything I had left on upcoming news paper adds and getting truck lettered and more... As I read these post, it makes me wonder about how much time and effort do you have to put in just so you can come to each meeting and have some referrals to pass out? Do you have to have some at every single meeting?
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    I have to add, that when I went last week as a visitor, one of the first things I thought I would get out of this is learning to and being more comfortable with speaking to large groups, something that I have always shied away from. This makes you do it and that alone to me is worth something....just my 2 cents
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    I'm really wanting to join but like I said my money is depleted. Until work starts back up and monies start coming back in I cant. My question to you guys is this. I just attended my first visitor meeting last week and could go this Wed for my second, should I call or email the guy who invited me(which is the president) and just let him know my problem so he wont think I just don't want to join. I don't really want to go to the final meeting knowing that I don't have the money at this time and have to look at them and tell them I'm broke. What would you do,
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    You don't have to have a referral every meeting. They come and go. Some members have told me that they can go a long time in-between referrals, but the ones they give usually pan out.

    I've already generated enough business to pay for my yearly fee, this includes a few small jobs. I've also got interest from members on doing landscaping for them, but that won't pan out until the spring when the weather gets nicer. One member is a well liked insurance agent, and has a cult following on his Facebook page. He posted a link to my Facebook business page and it has generated good leads and interest. Basically the BNI group is helping to spread the word about who I am, so it's accelerating my word-of-mouth advertising.

    All in all it's worth it. As a sole operator, it's nice to have the group to speak in front of like you mentioned and also to bounce business ideas around with other business owners. (talking to myself doesn't cut it.:laugh:)

    I am definitively getting some good from this group on many levels, and they seem happy to have me.
  6. JayD

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    :laugh::laugh:talking to your crack me up...

    Yeah, like I said, I really think it will help me gain new business and I did look at all the other chapters around here and none of them have a lawn care guy, so the potential to get known at other chapters is even better too. I do very much want to join but no money at this time.

    Did you have a thought on my I think last question about emailing my host just to let him know where I stand...
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    BNI will only let you attend so many meetings as a guest until they put the screws to you to join. I would e-mail him and see what he says. The great thing about your location is that you stated that there are other chapters in the area without a lawn-guy. So if you can't join right away, and some other guy steps into the group you are looking at, then you can join another.

    Another good thing about your situation is that you can sign up to be a sub if someone is absent in another chapter. You can go to that chapter as a sub, do what you need to do for that person, then you can state who you are and your business so you can generate business through the other groups. You can also attend the other groups as a guest and state who you are. There is a lot of options for you.

    In our area, there is a lawn guy/scaper in the other chapters, so even if I go as a sub, I can't mention what I do during the meetings in order not to step on the toes of the other member who is a lawn guy.

    Hope that makes sense.:hammerhead:
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    I think I posted already in this thread but I have been in BNI for 3 years now. It works well for us. Deifinatly wish we were getting more out of it but still making enough to easly pay for the fees plus put some in the pocket.
    I have met alot of people through BNI and believe that is what I like the most. I have saved alot of money referring myself to companies in there that I probably never would have known. My area is coverd in lawn and landscape companies so almost every chapter has one but I still try to visisit other to network and get irrigation work. I figure in life it more about who you know these days and this helps me meet many people in great positions.
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    as I said before its worked well for us, in the last 2 1/2 yrs I think they have feed me more than 30k in referrals and has helped me alot w/ speaking infront of people and small groups, this is an idea that I have talk over w/ other lco's in bni's around our areas is sharing 10 min ideas or ways that you promote your business in BNI. Anybody care to share?
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    definitly join.
    I joined 4 years ago. I still have my 2 biggest accounts. 1 at $300 per month, and 1 at $720 per month.

    Sure I have to pay $330 a year and $22 per month for chapter dues, 1 month of income more than pays for BNI. We get together about 1 time a month for "happy hour", where no one really talks "shop".

    Besides I have made life long friends that I otherwise would not have made.

    You will be impressed with it.

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