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Anyone have luck with yard signs?


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Thinking about getting some yard signs made up. What kind of results do you get? Thought about putting them out when doing installs and in a few high traffic areas around town. Any suggestions on text would be appreciated too.


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I used bandit signs in high traffic areas and got the same sort of calls off them that I got from Craigslist ads. We don't do either anymore.


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Redmond, WA
I'm sure they will grab a few, just like any sort of advertisement.

In my opinion.. I hate those signs.. All of them!!!
Especially when election season is around there is hundreds everywhere you look!

If I had a company do work at my house and they put a sign up.. I would ask them to take it down. Nothing personal, it's just my house!

Mike Leary

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Learning to get your customers to talk about you is advertising job 1.
I was "interviewed" by a would-be client; he said a neighbor of his said I was expensive, I said "so". He said, " I want you to do the system because the neighbor said, that even though the system was expensive, you took such good care of the operation and service after the installation, that's what I want". Guess what, we did the install, serviced it, and sold it to Russ. That system was twenty years ago.
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AI Inc

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Southern NH
We will put one up if its a hood I want to work in. Ive ha a few where we put em up when we got there in the AM. By the time we were done pulling pipe I realized the ground sucked so bad we took the sign down as we didnt want another job there.


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Anyone put signs up near busy intersections? I see HVAC, pest control, etc all the time. Companies put them up Friday night and take em' down sunday night so the city doesn't trash em'. I agree with the comment that potential customers like to see your name in more then one form of adv. ie newspaper and yard sign or yellow pages and flyer.