Anyone have regrets/joys leaving a decent full time job for starting a business?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by MDLawn, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. cpllawncare

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    There are times when I want to just go get a job working for the other guy but then I stop and really think about it and NAH!
  2. MDLawn

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    I should have included this and mind you it is NOT directed at anyone, just a thought that came to my head. I'm more curious for those who are far over the "partying" age, not living in mommy and daddy's basement, have a family, mortgage, and true monthly bills like utilities, life insurance, grocery, etc.... Basically someone who has more obligations than to just themselves. If you're single or just in a relationship it's easy to jump ship at whatever you do as there are only consequences against yourself. Also really looking for career people who left their career, not a meat packing plant packer or general laborer. I know it sounds harsh but puts it into more perspective. Leaving fast food to cut lawns really isn't what I was asking....
  3. MDLawn

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    Working for the other guy can be a real pain, a REAL pain. Making your own income can also be.
  4. yardguy28

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    well i did leave a career to do this.

    i worked for a local carwash chain. i was at the level of manager trainee just about ready to be promoted to assistant manager when i made the decision to leave.

    this carwash has like 40+ locations. 6 in my city and the rest are in other citys.

    as far as your comments about not living at home and having real bills. i know you weren't directing it towards anyone personally but i can't help but notice the comment as most know i live with my parents. but they should also know i've said time and time again i split most everything with my parents 50/50. i pay all home utilities, electrical, water, gas, cable, phone, internet, food. i also split the mortgage 50/50. plus i have my own bills like car insurance, health insurance.

    so yes i don't have a wife and kids to support or a girlfriend to spend money on but i do have all the other stuff you talk about and i did 6 years ago when i left the carwash as well.

    plus i've lived on my own before. it's not like i've been living with my parents all my life. i spent a good 4 years away from home. so i do know what its like.

    but like you said, it wasn't directed towards a specific person.
  5. MDLawn

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    It's just odd to see guys such as yourself living at home with mom and dad and others who in 5+ years are running a $500,000 to $1 million dollar business (although few). This is the question to seek the answer to before any decisions get made. What makes that person better than you or anyone else that they have a live and viable business and you and others need to live with their parents? Business is booming for them and your struggling to make ends meet that it's keeping you at home. Unless you're there for other reasons. Are they better business people? Was it luck? Was it their passion? Better advertising? Better people skills. I mean my friend who is part time does $60k+ each year, mainly lawn and maintenance work.. Are you not making that full time??? I just wonder what the actual business sense is on this site. Are the majority sick of minimum wage so $2 above minimum is better? Or is it just that complicated to make money in this industry? I have to say its not based on my friends business and his part time income. YardGuy, I'm not pointing at you but your situation makes me wonder how many people don't find success and why is it they don't when others flourish?
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  6. MDLawn

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    Also 50/50 isn't 100%. I can't pay 50% of my mortgage or bills or mr repo will be by.
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  7. larryinalabama

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    yardguy sounds llike hes doing good, he lives with his parents not "under" his parents.

    Im debt free, or its unlikley I could survive in this business.

    I have never met in person anyone making 500k in this business. Ive met a few who gross 500k and make around 70 to 80k, but it seems to be a lot of risk and hassle.
  8. MDLawn

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    That's what I mean. Gross income. Not personally making that. But I think you could make more with $500k in sales. Like I said my friend does $60k and I hardly think he's doing $250k in sales, not even close to that. I think too many in this business just want a self employed job vs owning a business. One person can only do so much and talk about risk. If you get hurt or sick no one is there to help. That's risky as you could lose everything because you cant work.

    All these opinions and such are great. Keep em coming.
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  9. RussellB

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    I seriously doubt your buddy is making $60,000 part time.
  10. yardguy28

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    well my point was I have real bills as you call.

    I don't live with my parents because I have to. my business is providing for me just fine. I live with them because I have no reason not to. I'm single without kids, wife or girl friend. and right now I'm perfectly happy with where I am in life.

    why buy a house or rent an apartment at this stage in my life. for me there just isn't enough of a good reason to move out.

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