Anyone having this problem?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Equipguy, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. Equipguy

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    Running a 23 Kaw on a 52 Hustler with appx 275 hrs. After about 30 min of cutting the engine starts to shut down. Just like someone is shutting off the fuel. Turn off the clutch and it runs right back. Let it cool down for a few minutes an it works. Then same thing happens again. Dealer says nothing wrong? Cant find any problems. Looking for ideas.
  2. tiedeman

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    maybe check the fuel filter, air filter, and carb area.
  3. locutus

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    Dont you just love it when a dealer says " there's nothing wrong with it " when you know damned well that something IS wrong?

    A long time ago, I had a hydro that wouldn't pull a sick prostitute off of a toilet. The mower wouldn't even go up the slightest hill. The dealer told me that he "couldn't find anything wrong with it". After a short conversation with the area Rep, he was miraculously able to locate the problem. Bad pumps that he didn't want to replace.
  4. Evergreenlawns

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    Your mower may be vapor locking. On really hot days the fuel inside of your mowers tank can flash off which increases the pressure in the system beyond what your mower can handle. Try purchasing a vented cap for the mower and see if this alleviates the problem.

    If this doesn't help, I would have the compression on the mower checked. It is possible that upon heating up, the mowers rings aren't holding compression properly which can cause lack of power when a bind is put on the mower.
  5. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    THis is just a guess......but check the plugs for fouling.....

  6. Frosty_03

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    I was having the same trouble with one of my exmark and came to find out it was the mercury leveling switch. I by-pass it with a jumper and the mower worked find. replaced the switch and had no more problem. I don't know if your mower has the same switch.
  7. dvmcmrhp52

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    It does sound like a fuel issue.................
  8. Check ,Most of the things mentioned and also check and see if the cooling fins are all clogged up...could be overheating
  9. Runner

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    Expert was having this same trouble just a few weeks ago. He had it looked at, and the guy looking at it ran it for quite awhile with no result, and even took it out in the field to try to get it to do it, but to no avail, he couldn't get it to do it. He may have found the problem by now, and chime in on here.
  10. txlawnking

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    ..............From a plugged air filter maybe??

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