Anyone hear of Complete property management in Kansas?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Nov 10, 2009.

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    Im not sure how to explain this, but after talking and dealing with them on several occurances, "weve never done any work though" for them, they seem like a pop up management company.

    The woman is almost insulting on the phone which claims to be the owner of the company...

    We bid out banks on the east coast. They sent us one bid form, so we bid over 100 locations for basic maintenance "an average" per location. Since you know, banks can be tiny with non existent landscape or quite large, maybe an acre or two each.

    We also bid snow removal for several locations in our local two counties. None of which we received, but apparently they never even HAD the snow contract anyway :/

    So we bid prices so i think then they could submit bids on their own 15% higher or whatnot ?

    Now, we submitted landscape maintenance for several counties. They offer us ALL counties which are farthest away , again we bid based on average, so now of course, all the farthest ones are least profitable, so i want more money.

    Then they take our bid for 4-7k per season for everything included and try to cut them down individually on a excell spread sheet, some were $500, some were $3000, but none anywhere remotely close to our 4-7k.

    Then their owners call us up, besides their selves that we submitted pricing of $105.00 per lawn visit including edging, trimming etc. They claimed so and so location doesnt even have a lawn! I said great, more money for us for that property then. I said what about xxx location, are you going to pay us $300 for that 3.5 acre pita property or is that still $105, are you angry now?

    Yesterday, they email us dozens of blank pdf forms.. They now want a bid for EACH location, in 3 counties, again, all the farthest ones away.

    We have to submit pricing for16 line items EACH , annual costs, taxes, shrub costs, lawn cost, i mean its rediculous for more than one location.

    First of all we wont drive around for a week and a half to "look" at these locations that are so far away, nor will i submit so many bids when they might not even like the bid on the first location and of course two months after dealing with this company, we still have no work they were "pushing" us to start by nov 1st lol.

    complete property management,
    1724 east 2nd street north
    wichita, ks

    Who knows them?
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    Never heard of them but I NEVER turn in a bid to someone who isn't directly responsible for the property at stake.

    Yup, so all these middlemen and managers and secretaries and whoever other business
    owners and Johnny-come-latelies, they can just go on minding their own business lol
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    i got a call from some out of state management company for some properties for a shipping company that was a good 45 minutes away, on a non traffic day btw, that was a few acres each. I said to hell with it. I quoted a good 150-175 more than i would have if they were in my city. I was not doing it, making nothing, and if i got it then i would make out well. Those jobs are the ones that you say, if i dont get them at what i want them for then im not losing much, if i get them at the price i propose- you make WHAT YOU WANT! These jerks sitting behind their desks job's is to get a service done at the LOWEST cost to protect their bottom line expenses. They dont care that if you go do it for what they want, you barely profit. Why waste your time going all over to make a minimal profit.......
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    dont mess with them. never heard of a place like that that was good. then agian, i work for one! but never heard of this place

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    Working on a bid for company that has 100+ places to mow. They want each one priced out seperatly. Gotta do it if you want it bad enough. This time of year got nothing much more to do except work on that until snow is flying. They do however sound like idiots.... I might walk on that one. Not sure. But... if they are calling you back, they are interested or they would have taken somebody elses bid. GOOD LUCK!
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    there are co's like that all over. Had one contaic me once. Notice the period after the word once.
    most of the time the rules are to the point where you will miss the deadline for getting paid.

    I think your already experancing some of the agervation with doing business wiht these co's,

    simply tell them like I did, GO TO HELL, and then they will never bother you again.

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