Anyone hear of this association before?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by boxoffire, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. boxoffire

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    The BTA (Building Trades Association)? They sent me a card with opportunity to join for only $95 yearly, offering many services. Health Insurance for one has got my curiousity up, although I'm with a solid company at this time. It mentions on the card that they ask their members to send in lists of firms they do business with and they received some with my company name on it so they therefore know my customers are involved with the ASSOCIATION. That's funny I only started in Sep 04 and did a few residentials and that's about it. Makes me wonder if they really just got my company name I registered (like all the credit card machine companies) and sent this along to me without even knowing my reputation or my credentials. They do say if you get 3 or more bad references you are out! I did happen to call a friend of my brothers who owns some rental properties a few weeks back about maybe bidding on a couple of his. He said to call him back in Feb and see what's available. Maybe he's in this association and forwarded my company name. There's no telling at this point. They also say you can bid on jobs through their website. It's also tax deductable. Just wonder if joining may help out a first year solo guy from anyone who knows about this association.

    Happy New Year! :drinkup:
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    they probally just got ur noame out of the local business listings when u got set up probally have some soccer mom go down there once a week get a copy and fax it to them she gets a lil coin and the get a list for free since it is public record. ive never heard of them b4 but that doesnt mean anything ya know, im in a different market than you are. check them out if they seem legit them go for it but look into how much work you think you might get out of it and so forth.
  3. gene gls

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    I have recived info from them also.I have asked some of my business friends about thier service. Two of my friends recomended me. My friends are new members so they are not famiular with all the services offered.I was thinking of joining after Jan 1st.

  4. Turf Medic

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    Haven't heard of them, they might have gotten your name from someone that you purchased equipment or supplies from. For $95, you probably can't go too wrong, opportunity to get your name out a bit, hand out a few business cards etc. However if you are going to just send the $95 and not attend the meeting and other social events they sponsor, you may as well keep your money.
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    I joined last year and some guy tried to contact me from there office but he never called when I was home and he was never in when I called there. No benefit to being a member that I can tell.No mention of my company on their web site. They do send yo a nice peace of laminated paper that says your a member. LOL

    Heres a list of things they offer from there site if your not a member.
    Find A Contractor - Free Access for non-members
    Request A Bid - Free Access for non-members
    Group Health Insurance -Free Access for non-members
    Workmen Compensation -Business Insurance -Free Access for non-members
    Office Max Discounted Office Supplies -Free Access for non-members
    Drug Testing -Free Access for non-members

    And if you are.

    Members Only
    Search The Online Job Postings! - Members Only
    IBM Credit Union - Members Only
    Collection Services - Members Only
    Find Out About Lowering Your Payroll Expense! -Members Only
    Run A Credit Report on Another Company! - Members Only
    Save Money On Your Long Distance! - Members Only
    Liens, Releases, And Notices - Members Only
    Employee Request Form - Members Only
    Contractors Directory Request Form - Members Only
    Help with your licensing problems. - Members Only
    Free forms and contracts.
    NewsLetter - Members Only
    Tax Credits - Members Only
    Retirement Planning - Members Only
    Discount Cards - Members Only
    Financing - Members Only
    Government Agencies - Members Only
    Quickbooks - Members Only
    Loans - Members Only
    Electronic Check Recovery - Members Only

    Free website! (hosting fee $10.00 a month)

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