Anyone heard of Sumagreen?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Pilgrims' Pride, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Pilgrims' Pride

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    Title says it all.
    I was contacted by one of their reps.
    They seem to have an interesting product and really low application rates.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Lawn132012

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    I am in the process of using their product this year. I have run my own test on it and am very happy with the progress of my test. My friend used Holganix last year and said the costs were way to HIGH and a bunch of other thigns that he did not like. I started my tests on it last month during our little weather change in two plots like they said to start from new seed. I used urea on one area, nothing on another and SumaGreen Turf on the third. All with the same soil from same area. I did notice that the SG Turf came up faster by about 1 -2 days but the grass seems to be thicker which to me tells me more seeds took. The fertilizer I would say perfromed abotu the same or a little worse as of right now but the cost difference even at the 2 oz per application of SG Turf is much cheaper then the fertilizer. Not to mention the future treatments are going to be even cheaper then fertilizer. I am very interested to see my savings on the fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides becuase of the healthier grass.
    I am definitely impressed so far and if anything even if it does preform the same as fertilizer I can now tell my customers there lawns are fertilizer free which means I can probably charge a little more next year. I already told many of them I was going to try a more All Natural product this year and the greening up period may take a little longer but the grandkids and pets are going to be able to play on a safer NON-Fertilized lawn.
    I will keep you posted.
  3. turf hokie

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    Never heard of it.

    What is the make up? Claims? Cost?

    @lawn.. What was your friends issues with holganix? And how is it cost prohibitive?

    Just looking for some input as I am always looking for a better way. Thanks.
  4. ted putnam

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    hokie, google it. Their website is interesting. I believe it is produced in NJ. I was reading another thread the other night( I believe in the fertilizer forum) and came across a post by someone that is using it. Supposedly a product that will reduce the need for fert and keep the turf in an overall better state of health reducing the need for fungicides/insecticides. Very cost effective if their recommended rates produce the results they claim.
  5. Lawn132012

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    Hokie- It is mainly Humates with several specialize microbes which to me sounded a lot like Holganix but with more studies and research and microbes. But costs about half of what Holganix was going to charge me plus no extras expenses like refrigeration of product when not using it. SumaGreen Turf is easy to use with no need for changing of spraying tips like my buddy had to do with Holganix. Cost is about 30 cents per 1000 sq/ft with the use of no fertilizer. I have used with a recommendation of of of their LCO's a 1/8 pound of fertilizer with 2 oz on the first treatment. But he was very clear DO NOT use any more fertilizer as I will not need it. After seeing what I have already done I am going to do some playing with it on some lawns with the 1/8 pound , 1/4 pound and NO fertilizers with 2 oz per 1000 sq/ft. Then the second treatment I am going to go 2 oz on everything with NO fertilizers and then cut it back to 1 oz per 1000 sq/ft. I mean the cost is so cheap that I would rather do that for the long haul. I already told several of my customers that I was gong to be using more natural products and the Green up may be slower and they had NO PROBLEM with that. I was actually shocked but they were more concerned I was going to raise prices since I was using a more natural product in all reality I could lower their price due to the costs inputs.

    Ted- Of course I was the same way but so far on new seeds becuase I was doing it in a control area not a lawn right now everything seems to be working fine. I will be more then happy even if they perform the same as fertilizer and Holganix. The cost is about half of both product that I use and if it can also cut the other stuff like the pesticides, fungicides and herbicides even just in half this product is well worth it. I think it not only pays for itself but I am actually looking forward to seeing how it will preform during the drought like the guy told me.

    My buddy using Holganix told me he was spending on average over 80 cents per treatment and actually had extra cost becuase of refrigeration. But time was also a factor becuase of having to change the spraying tips since they had to be different tips then what he was using for the pesticides.

    Personally I really like the SumaGreen Turf and unless they truly tank on me which so far does not look like they will I am going to probably go with it full time during the second treatment on my lawns.
  6. turf hokie

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    Thanks for the info.

    I checked out the website, seems pretty interesting. Indeed sounds similar to the holganix but there must be some difference if one needs refridgeration and the other doesnt, also has to be some difference based on what your telling us about the cost being 1/2 as much.

    Keep us up with what you are seeing out there.

    Is your buddy still using holganix? I am trying some this year to see how it does....

    Is it possible for you and your buddy to do a side by side trial? this way we can see if there are any appreciable differences in results?

  7. Lawn132012

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    The price between SumaGreen Turf and Holganix was basically the TOTAL amount used for each treatment cost. I ordered through a distributor in Egg Harbor Township and the price I got for a 4 gallon container was $200, instead of website being $220. ON the $200 price the cost per average treatment is about 30 cents with the SumaGreen Turf. Again so about half the price or more then Holganix.

    We planned on running a side by side test but my buddy does not want to spend the money on Holganix based on everything we have seen already with the SumaGreen Turf.

    Not sure why Holganix has to be refrigerated but it stinks to have to worry about carrying around a cooler for microbes when out and about treating lawns in the middle of the Summer heat.

    I will see if he will do a side by side with Holganix.
    I will keep everyone posted on the results as soon as I get baseline pictures this weekend and then I will be applying some early next week. I may even try to do a side by side with the Holgainx if my buddy wants to buy some or maybe we can still find someone in the area that is not switching over to SumaGreen Turf.
  8. turf hokie

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    thanks for the info, hopefully you can get a side by side.

    The pricing you mentioned earlier is about right it looks like.

    the only thing I disagree with is the need for a cooler on the truck, but I am not going to take concentrated material out in the field and using all my finished solution in the same day so that may be different?
  9. phasthound

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    Bob, I was in Boston on Thurs, Sorry I didn't have a chance to connect with you. I would like to follow up on our conversation.
  10. Lawn132012

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    Hokie - We do a lot of smaller end lawns, only a couple thousand feet per lawn but we use a sprayer that attaches to the front of our scag. So we are planning on bringing the product with us. They said as long as it is not for long periods of time and not over 90degrees we should be fine. The only since we are not treating everyday it should not be a problem when we do get those heat waves.
    There are a few other products on the market but I just felt like the SumaGreen Turf had better products and a lot of testing from both labs and people I could talk to about the product.

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