Anyone heard of Sumagreen?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Pilgrims' Pride, Feb 25, 2012.


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    lookin good
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    Nice germination Barry. We don't really do seeding here so it's not that big of a deal to me. However it is encouraging because it stands to reason that if it promotes rooting like that in newly seeded areas it encourages rooting in established turf as well. To what degree, I'm not sure...

    Per the label. 12% Fulvic/Humic acid as a carrier for a propritary microbial blend derived from Leonardite Ore. 88% inert ingredients. I did a little research on Leonardite and discovered that it is not Peat and it is not Coal but is a compound that is a step in the process of Peat becoming Coal and is closer to the coal end of that process. Its possible benefits seemed to be documented but I'm not sure if they are proven. As far as "microbial"...well, I'm no scientist and didn't spend that much time looking in to it.

    That being said, I have my own observations and ideas on what this product can offer me and they are based on what I have seen and found myself.

    First of all... price. At $200/4 gallons and a recommended rate of 2oz/1000, we are looking at a price of about 40 cents/1000. This would be great if it were a "stand alone" product, but in my opinion, it isn't and I for one never really expected it to be. According to you and others, higher rates mean better, more noticeable results. They also mean higher costs as we all know. Double the rate, double the cost. At some point, costs will soon be very close to what is spent on conventional fert, especially if additional inputs are used while applying this product...and again, in my opinion, they need to be because I don't see this as a stand alone product.

    I think this product has many possibilites. Turf with a deeper, more robust root system should be able to obtain more nutrients from the soil and have an easier time of remaining hydrated during drought and should just be overall, healthier. Does this product offer that? From what I've seen so far, I think it could be an important part of the equation that gets you to that point.

    In my opinion, it comes down to cost vs. benefit and their balance for each persons own situation.

    I purchased only a small amount to experiment with. If I buy more, it will be in bulk and hopefully at a much better price than what spoke of earlier in this post.

    I am still interested in seeing/reading more about others experiences with this product in "turf" situations.
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    I hope to make time to give some kind of comparison. I used Holganix by combining my second pre & postemerge with my spring fertilizer which was Holganix with urea and a product called stayN. Summer fertilizer was Holganix and some I did synthetic as a comparison. The late summer fertilizer was SumaGreen,some Holganix. We were in an extreme drought most of the year but most have irrigation.
    I would like to offer more organic approach and so this year with lack of employees to combine Holganix or SumaGreen and urea with chemical spray (reduced at that) saved my year. I also combined Holganix to feed my shrubs combined with insecticide.
    The general observation is the combined shrub treatment gave good results and saved time & labor. I can not say I am impressed with either Holganix or SumaGreen . One newly sodded yard stayed pale after two Holganix treatments until I put some Lesco granular and now it looks sweet.
    Also,I had more Take All Patch this year then ever. We had not ever seen Take All until the drought in 2010 and 2012. One yard I experimented repeatedly with compost tea,Holganix,EM, and an array of organic products and it did little.
    I can't say I am excited yet but it did help me get by this year so far.
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    I have never heard of it. I did check out the website though, would have to do
    some more research to before I would actually try it. Would like to hear more though.
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    An update on the SumaGreen application on both the Ornamental Fountaingrass as well as the Perennial Ryegrass testing at my home.

    The Fountaingrass looks GREAT.....It is actually greening this late into the season. Very happy.

    The PR had 2 more Disease issues following the Foliar Anthracnose. We had a Pythium Blight outbreak that was quite severe, and following that we have Grey Leaf Spot.

    Prior to using the sumagreen I only had some Brown Patch from time to time when the conditions were perfect for the disease.

    Perhaps I will ask someone from Rutgers to come over and have a look.

    My thoughts this far is that the Sumagreen is far more powerful as a Nitrogen Fixer than I expected. Therefore I will treat it with the same respect as a "Chemical Nitrogen" as the sumagreen fixes N and releases it in the Ammonical form, which will convert to Nitrate N when the soils are summer temps.

    So no sumagreen here when the temps hit above 80F and night temps above 55F for my next testing phase, next season on cool season grasses.

    Would like to hear more on how it is working on some of the Warm Season Grasses still actively growing in the southern states.......
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    Heritage...this has been one of the worst fungus years in the last 5 in our area...something to consider.
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    If anyone is interested in the relationship between fungal issues and organic methods, please PM me.
  8. heritage

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    All clients on my program had minimal fungal issues.

    My personal lawn, where I tested the sumagreen turned out to be a total disaster with fungal issues a few short weeks after application...

    Going to stick with what works for me until something better comes along......
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    Im not speaking about that product, just that fungus this year was really bad where there was little or no air movement.
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    We started using 90% soluble humic acid one year ago in our mix.

    I am a very skeptical person, but we stuck with it despite no visible results at first (I guess to use up our supply as well as giving it a chance to work.)

    Did not notice visible results until this fall. Granted it's entirely subjective and anecdotal, however, our lawns seem to have survived the NC summer better than in past years and look better to boot.

    Also anecdotal, but our customers are happier. It might just be marketing (I always point out that we have added humates into the mix this year,) but if the clients are happy, we are happy.

    I have not tried Sumagreen, but since humic acid is an integral part of that product, I thought our observed results using humic acid this year might be of some interest to you all.

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