Anyone here do cement ponds often or has pictures of one they did?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by genesgreen, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. genesgreen

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    Any of you folks use concrete for ponds? I know the stuff has shot up in price so it's not like it was back in the day but I still think it's the best bet for long term. If any of you have some pictures put em on up. What's the biggest one someones done with concrete here anywho?
  2. TPendagast

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    I've done over 1/4 mile long many times over in Southern UT.

    For pics google keyword search entrada.
    will send you to their website, any water you see is artifical if you look at the edges closely ou will be able to see the colored concrete lip
  3. Lite4

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    Jethro and Ellie May are out back in the cement pond.:laugh:
  4. Varsity L&G

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    Thinking of doing the same here. Just don't like the look of edging a pond in a landscape with with piles of rocks. What type and how do you seal it? When can you pu fish and plants in?
  5. Venturewest

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    I attended an expo in Colorado last year and had the opportunity to hear some of their huge water feature builders speak. Many of them use underlayment, then epdm liner, then underlayment, then shotcrete.

    I have talked to other water feature designers that are considered great nationally and they say that is wasteful overkill. That you can build huge falls and features with just underlayment and epdm.

    Making edges look natural is not an issue with liner if you know a few tecniques. I can promise concrete would be harder.

    And man that course at Entrada..........I am moving back to Utah!
  6. BrandonV

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    my dad used to build them out of concrete back in the day, they're still running strong now. we've been going the epdm route for the last 10-15 years but I tell you I wish it was cost effective to do the concrete, we've had a time on some locations w/ vermin (mostly muskrats that live nearby) moving in a burrowing. if there is a secret to preventing this yall let me in, but I'm getting tired of it.

  7. TPendagast

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    :) you liked entrada huh?

    Geez they had nothing but money there. But they wasted alot of time. Sometimes we'd tear own water features and redo them over minor details.

    and yes We just used underlayment and epdm

    We shotcrete'd right over the edpm.

    the trick is to get the guy delivering your mud to spin his mixer faster it dries the mud a little better and stick better.

    Typically one day just give your self a "stucco coat"

    next day do your pockets and forming.

    Then when the shaped mud is getting ready to set, take a garden hose with a 1/8" nozzel on it (we hand made ours) and cut rivulets and shapes in the mud to give it a natural appearance. (the process is like air brushing)

    A few days later, go buy with any actual airbrush orcommerical rented paint sprayer and put your "base color" down. Next day get a dark color (black or brown) and touch up areas to give relief and the crete will start to look like actual rock.

    Accent the pockets left with actual rock and you can even touch them up with paint.

    The shot crete does not go down all the way (only 1/3) the rest is still open edpm that needs to be covered with rock. At entrada the bottom 1/3 is just liner, it's deep enough you cant see the liner.

    You should really try shot crete, you would not believe the wicked falls you can make with pressurized mud!! you can set wild weir stones stick 2x4's under them to make them stay, shot crete the heck out of them an after the mud dries, knock out the plank and bammo! KeWL weirs that stick waaaay out. Looks like natural stuff in hawaii!

    Don't for get the paint. We had one guy that could even air brush on realistic look moss features!

    Try it out, or fly me out and I'll show ya how! Ha!

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