Anyone here ever make a Landscape supplier list by state?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Jun 24, 2008.

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    It sounds easy, but usually its not. I have my own suppliers and actually use suppliers from farther in North jersey than central or south jersey even though i live in south jersey.

    I've always had a hard time finding mulch dealers near the shore areas. We mulch yearly a few big places down near Ocean City, NJ. I go to a local nursery and pay damn almost $30 a yard for triple ground mulch. I usually get this more north for half of that. We need to get about 100 yards of mulch or more to atlantic city and somers point/ocean city areas in NJ this month. Problem is, when the mulch is now $15 a yard more, plus having to travel farther to places to get the mulch now increases our per yard cost by at least that $15 or more. Anyone know of mulch dealers that, "make" the mulch not just a re-seller in south/east NJ?

    We also have one big place in Cape may, NJ, its WAY far south compared to my other locations we handle AND theres TOLLS involved which im never thrilled with for travel. its hard to ever bid these jobs because you have to account LOTS of travel time, extremely high toll rates for trucks/trailers, higher mulch cost and suppliers you've never dealt with in these areas before.
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    South Jersey is a large area You are Burlington County in my South Jersey Cumberland County Area there are several manufactures

    Natures Choice Bridgeton area $20yd any quqnity

    SJAP, Elmer $15.60 20yd per day they are the largest in the area

    Fazzio, Mullica Hill around $25

    Winzinger, Franklinville Also around $25
  3. Ramairfreak98ss

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    thanks lawns, Thats what im looking for but i have to try to find some WAY east NJ, at minimum between the south side of 195 near rt9 and down to cape may area.. Im assuming there are not many out there because the trees turn into pine everywhere and thats not generally whats chipped up for mulch. Problem is, if i have to truck in ALL of the mulch in 12-13 yard trailers its gonna eat up a lot of time and fuel vs having 25+ yard dump trucks drop it or pick it up locally and drive 5-10 miles to the site.
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    see if you can have someone in a large mack or tandem trailer deliver you the mulch from your guy up north. I know there is a company with tons of nice shiney purple dumps on Rt9 in Lakewood/Toms River area, they are caalled AC Hesses or something along thoses lines. Price out this per yard and see if its a feasible idea

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