anyone here from texas?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mikey1979, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. mikey1979

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    I ran a lawn care business in coos bay Oregon for a few years about five years ago but sold my tools and got out of the business to do a slimy sales job with what I perceived at the time to have greater earning potential.

    well I've decided to go back into the lawn care business again after realizing that I would be in a much better place financially had I just stuck with it but one of the problems was that my credit was not so great at the time and I was unable to finance the equipment required to take on the larger residential and commercial accounts. That said I was still making close to a thousand dollars a week when business was rocking with only 1 part time employee and no tractor.
    well here is my new delima. my girlfriend and I would like to leave the northwest for several reasons and after a road trip we are considering moving to Texas. possibly San Angelo, Abilene or a Dallas/fort worth suburb.
    my question is how is running a lawn care business in these areas differ from the north west. do you work all year? can you compete with the illegals? is there any money to be made?
  2. George D

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    there are guys charging $7.00-$20.00 to mow yards around here,you must be patient to survive they only show 1st 2nd time then gone,i'm north east of dallas,trees are saving my butt right now
  3. ed2hess

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    If you are planning on getting into the manual labor market you might want to think twice about moving into Texas. But yes we do work year round if you develop the correct customer set.
  4. Woody82986

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    Regular mowing during the growing season, then leaf clean ups, rye grass mowing and miscellaneous other landscape work over the late fall and winter.
  5. Murphy's LawnCare

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    The main differences are the heat and the mowing season. Mowing season starts around the end of Feb. last until the first of Nov. Most of my yards I go to at least once a month during the winter. The heat is the main thing...if you can make it from june till october you got it whooped. I dont know what kind of equipment you have, but you would need at least a walk behind. Push mowing with a 21" in this thick warm weather grass is no fun....especially when its 105 and 100% humidity...DFW area and Austin are good the work is there...come on down when your ready.
  6. Lawn Pro's

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    I live in livingston which is about 80 miles north of Houston and the work seems promising here. I just started my business this year and I've noticed there are a few other crews around here but seems to be plenty of work for everyone. Just becareful working in the heat here.
  7. Disgruntled_Veteran

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    I'm in Fort Worth ... Lots of work to be done , hope you like the heat though.. Its very hot here , we had 18 straight days of over 100 in June... It went above 107 quite a bit. Its the Humidity that makes it different heat here , hotter than Iraq no joke. August is gonna be ugly, so make sure when you do get here drink alot of water water water... Texas cities rock though , majority of people are nice , good food , and if you live in Austin its music capital of the USA.. Lots of stuff to do and good bodies of water to play in...
  8. mikey1979

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    The heat has never really bothered me but the 230 cloudy days a year and the rediculous cost of living in my neck of the woods I just can't do anymore.
    I'll take the 3 solid months of extreme heat over the 6-8 months of solid rain.
    my family and friends tell me I'm crazy. I'LL THINK OF THEM WHEN i'M FISHING IN JANUARY and not having to deal with a bunch of tree hugging liberal buttheads anymore:laugh:

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