Anyone here running a Protero bagger?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Victor, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Victor

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    I was trying to decide between getting an Ultra Vac, and a Protero. They both cost pretty much the same. The thing I like about the Protero is the extra clearance it gives you behind the mower, compared to the Ultra Vac. I don't think the Ultra Vac would clear the ramps on my truck when loading, and think I'd have the same problem with the street when loading onto the truck (because of the steep departure angle of the ramps). The factory rep claimed the Protero is closer to 16 cu ft, than 15. That would make it just slightly lower in capacity than the big Ultra Vac. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  2. MacLawnCo

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    talk to "Lawn tek", he has one on his DC.
  3. Victor

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    You always come through man.

  4. LawnMower

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    I bought a Protero at the beginning of the season. Its a very well built heavy duty unit. The blower has to way at least 50lbs. The box is heavy but not heavy enough so that I cant take it on and off by my self.

    I have the smaller one of the two. I can put two 30 gallon trash buckets in the back if I want too. Or I can just fill the bin and empty on the ground from the seat.

    I used to keep it on the mower all the time. But ones I found out how easy it is to take off and on, I leave it off. My trailer is big enough to store it. Theres only four pins holding the box on .

    On the times I did keep the box on I would drive up on the trailer facing front. Then I would sneak my walk behind right under the box.

    I couple of times I backed the mower up and had the box hang off the front of the trailer. Thats all fine and dandy until you turn and the box dents the tail gate of the truck.

    The blower just slides over a big pin. So it comes on and off easy. The drive belt holds it tight onto the deck.

    I don't bolt down the front wheel waits ether. I had to grind a notch into them so they would clear the zurk fitting on the front caster's. I just hang them off the front caster's till I'm done using the bagger.

    I have whacked some stuff with the back however. The angle on witch it sits back there makes it tough to see where your at. Iv clipped mail boxes, houses, telephone support cables. To tell you the truth the rods that hold the door up are all bent to heck from hitting stuff. It dose a lot of damage if you swing the rear and the box clips something.

    The cons........The blower clogs immediately in the wet grass.

    But over all I like the Protero. It will eat belts like crazy if you don't adjust the pulley's level. If the drive pulley's aren't in line, it will eat a belt on the first yard.
  5. CleanCuts12

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    I have an exmark 36" metro. I am considering the protero blower system. I like the idea of not having an extra engine to worry about. Do you think this would work with my metro? I was originally considering trac vac and I don't know how the two compare. Any thoughts on this would be great!
  6. TriCountyLawn

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    IMO, the OEM bagger is your best best
  7. newguy123

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    Find "Ringahding" on here he has one. Here's his website Ring Lawn Care.
  8. JCLawn and more

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    peco pretty much makes them all
  9. ringahding

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    I have used all three of these systems:

    • Peco ~ Lesco 54" & 60"
    • Trac-Vac ~ Lesco 48"
    • Protero ~ Lesco 60"

    The 60" Lesco I feel is a little under powered for the Protero Vac, but will get me through the fall leaf clean up. It in fact is a well designed vac, but for this HP, speed must be controlled to avoid clogging. Next season I will be thinking about attaching it to my new Toro G3 (29hp).

    I also have a Toro with a similar set up that has the original OEM Vac system (Ultra-Vac)with a 28hp Kawi & there are no POWER issues.

    The Trac-Vac & Peco systems are similar, they both have the separate engine with impeller.....I like these systems because the separate engines obviously do not take power away from the mower.

    The Peco hopper is more favorable to me when we are making piles for the Billy goat to haul leaves away, and it sits on a frame which has more higher clearance when piles build up...thus keeping piles more uniform.

    For a 36", I would suggest Trac-Vac.
    The reason I have made the switch to the belt driven Vacs, I was getting nickeled to death making repairs and buying more parts(for the Peco engine...Kohler 6hp). I have had no real issues at all with Trac-Vac housing & impellers(I would lean more towards this unit).
  10. newguy123

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    How's that new Protero working for you Ring? I know you said the Lesco's a little underpowdered, but does is work as a good as a Peco?

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