Anyone here use a Gravely @ Home 34" Mini Ztr?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by heyfishguy, Apr 24, 2006.

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    Hello everyone I am looking at getting my first ride on type mower. Most of the residential homes around here are cut with 21" Hondas. I currently have two accounts that take way to long to mow with the 21" and it seems like I am getting more and more bigger lawns to bid on. I would like to get a smaller machine to fit through gates and be able to use it on other exsisting accounts. I was wanting to get a commercial gravely 34" but I cannot justify the cost of this mower for only two accounts, But I dont want to turn away new cleints. The commercial grade gravely here on the west coast of Canada with mulch kit and bagger after taxes is $7000 cdn. So then I was looking at the gravely @ Home line. They seem to be well built as well. The 34" with the 15hp Kohler Courage engine with bagger and mulch kit is $4000 cdn after taxes. I was wondering if any of you have this machine and if it has held up using it for business. Thanks alot in advance.:canadaflag:

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